You Might End Up Back Where You Started

by Wendy + Tracy June. 29, 2007 1689 views

We went to Rainbow Springs in the morning, where they have lots of native flora and fauna. (Including a real live kiwi! It is a very silly bird.) Afterwards, Tracy and I opted to not go Zorbing (in theory, very cool and fun; in actuality, NZ$25-40 to roll down a hill in a ball for about a minute or two), and instead we checked out the park near the hostel where we were staying. It was complete with a bubbling sulphur mud lake and a very familiar playground. (In retrospect, maybe it wasn't so great of a park…) We then explored the main (but not mean) streets of Rotorua which we had only previously been on by bus. We had only one objective in mind: a bar of kiwi-fruit chocolate.

We were most successful.

-Wendy (Note: This was written on July 3rd.)

P.S. For a delightful little video I took of one of the boiling mud pools in Kuirau Park, go to: [] You know you want to.

This bird is a murderer.


This might have been a very well-timed yawn.

Halfway around the world: the same (lame) playground near Mom's house.

Tracy can't help but express her horror and dismay.

Climbing on things is awesome. Especially this particular thing.

It's lonely at the top. Also, it was cold and sort of rainy.

Tracy is an adventurer!

Tracy, I write the captions. Not you.

We left Sarasota just to get away from this thing! We were not amused.

Just your average aesthetically-pleasing bridge.

This is how ducks grow in the Southern Hemisphere.


Boiling mud pools actually prefer if you litter, apparently.

One nice picture, just to break things up.

This ruined Tracy's day.

A nice looking path…

…Into the boiling sulphur mud lake!

Tracy's just enjoying the nice sulphur steam.

If this were smoke from a brushfire, I'd probably not look as happy.

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Tony 14 years ago

that mud lake photo is so 'Lord of the Ring's' And yes... i know it was filmed there!! ;)

14 years ago Edited
Filippo 14 years, 1 month ago

beautiful place!

14 years, 1 month ago Edited