Newtown! Oldtown? AllAboutTown.

by Wendy + Tracy July. 15, 2007 1778 views

We learned today that Sundays are not good days to go on shopping adventures in the smaller parts of the city. (Sundays might not really be good days for shopping in the main part of Wellington, either, now that I think about it.) At any rate, we walked to Newtown (about a 45 minute walk) and found lots of little shops - some closed, some open - but nothing too exciting. But we did have our first taste of Wellington fish and chips there (and it was really good and - surprisingly - really cheap). We wandered back to the main city, finding a memorial just at the outskirts and then we took a few photos of places we had been through on other days (but had been without the camera).

This cricket stadium had really strict rules.

No, seriously. REALLY strict rules. (If I saw anyone carrying a SOFA in I'd let them have it there, just for all the effort.)

Tracy is thinking, "Who is William Wakefield? Why does he have his own memorial? And why am I standing next to it? And, more importantly, when are we going to eat lunch?"

All hail King Street. We reckon we are the rightful owners of it.

Tracy loves riding horses, water skiing, and visiting historical monuments!

It's not every day that a rubbish bin makes you smile. This is one of the rare exceptions.

median memorial

Yeah, Tracy still likes rocks.

The rock Tracy was touching was from Antarctica. Sadly, it did not give her any special powers.

Lurking in the shadows…

If I had to guess, I'd probably say that this memorial commemorated the bond of friendship between the peoples of Greece and New Zealand, strengthened on the battlefields of mainland Greece and the island of Crete, remembering with gratitude, those who laid down their lives for freedom and democracy. I think it's a pretty good guess.

New Zealand thought that this was only slightly better than Olympia's previous Christmas gift of a lump of coal. (Less sooty at least.)

a cool wooden bird bridge

view of Lambton Harbour to the right of the aforementioned bird bridge

closer view of the harbour and such

Cute, birds… Real cute.

We swear it was like that before we got here.

the buildings and floating fern ball around the civic center

neat little wind-catching things outside an art gallery

A close-up of the not-really-floating silver fern ball.

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