The South Island in Nine Days: Day Nine

by Wendy + Tracy August. 28, 2007 1553 views

We packed up in the morning and went to see about some kayaking. After accidentally walking into the kayak rental guy's house (I wasn't expecting the door to be unlocked…) and finding out that there was stormy weather coming in sometime that day, we walked around Akaroa for a little bit (while noting the beautifully calm water). We decided not to drag things out, so we jumped in the car and headed north toward Kaikoura. We bought some peach and vanilla jelly in a little cheese factory on the way back to Christchurch, and then stopped again briefly to check out the Cathedral Cliffs. We got to Kaikoura and stopped in a little car park to have lunch and we (finally!) got to see some seals. We hung out until 4pm and went to the Point Sheep Shearing Show. We and four other people learned about New Zealand's sheep industry and, of course, got to see a sheep get sheared. Very entertaining!
With nothing much else on the agenda (and deciding we'd rather not pay for another night in a hostel), we finished our circuitous trip around the south island by driving back up to Picton. We cleaned out the car which was now rather rugged looking (maybe they shouldn't have rented us the white one). We bought tickets for the next ferry (which wasn't until 10pm), and played card games and watched the lunar eclipse(!) that night. We decided to spend the money we saved by going on the night ferry to buy tickets for the ‘in-flight’ (in-float?) movie - Live Free or Die Hard (aka Die Hard 4). Perhaps not the best venue for screening movies (although the rocking of the boat occaisionally fit in with the action of the film), but it made the three hours pass a little better.

So, nine days, 3000+ kilometers, 1500+ pictures later, and we were home. (Well, maybe not ‘home’, but back in Wellington, at any rate.) Hope you enjoyed the journey! We certainly did. =]


Akaroa to Picton: 421 kilometers / 262 miles

Our nice little room at the Chez la Mer.

If you've lived in Florida your whole life, this is the typical face you make when you see a hot water bottle.

The nice little breakfast nook. I guess we broke the rules by eating dinner there as well.

We decided not to stick around for the rest of the dock to erode.

Tracy befriends two friendly dolphin friends.

We did actually obey this sign. (So they wouldn't have to rename them the Funeral Cliffs.)

They've even got floating sky-mountains in New Zealand!

The Kaikoura seals were staunch supporters of nap time.

Tracy says "It's a seal!"

Tracy says "It's a lamb!"

Wendy is mostly thinking about all the milk that the lamb is dribbling on her jacket.

Jed (the dog) was more than happy to help clean up the aforementioned milk.

Tracy feeds 'Ram Man' (the ram, not the man).

Wendy is mostly thinking about being able to wash her hands.

Peter Smith (and one rather laid-back sheep).

I apologize for the inappropriateness of showing this sheep without its wool on.

You would not believe how loud this lamb was.

Luckily, on the last day Wendy found her one true love.

New Zealand says, "Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely sunset!"

You too can achieve this look! Just combine equal parts of: mild seasickness; being up at 1am; and watching Bruce Willis for 2.5 hours.

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