New Things Under The Sun

by Wendy + Tracy March. 27, 2010 1672 views

Quite a few firsts for me here:
-First time ever seeing California Redwoods… (Silly me, going all the way to New Zealand to do so!)
-First time finding a real reptile in the wild in NZ!
-First time visiting the Balloons over Waikato Night Glow!

Lots of fun and exciting to think that New Zealand still has plenty of surprises and new adventures in store for me. =D

Lovely California Redwoods! …In the middle of Rotorua, New Zealand? …And they grow twice as fast?! Uh, maybe this is the Twilight Zone…

Take a nice, big tree-ish breath… Don't you feel better?

New Zealand has real live reptiles! At least I think… if this is a skink.

I know these look tiny, but they're full-size hot air balloons.

I think if an alien landings looked like this… we would certainly be in for an awesome party.

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