Arda Marco Diaz

by Nicci Turel November. 09, 2016 485 views

my cat holding onto his favorite ball. He has a slight identity crisis and believes he is a dog

You throw, I'll fetch!

My Cat Marco is such a softy! He only has about 4 lives left as he is quite clumsy and keeps falling off things, and He's not very good at jumping either. He does a half-hearted jump on the bed bet much prefers you to pick him up.

Like other cats he can be extremely annoying. He is constantly tripping me up on the stairs for one and he always tries to race me to the kitchento his bowl. He will meow for food even though his bowl is full and heaven forbid he sees you working on the laptop! That is an invitation to sit on your hands!

The best thing about him is He LOVES to play catch. He will bring his little chewed up ball and drop it in your lap then wait impatiently for you to throw it. He will then run like the wind to fetch it and bring it back and repeat!

Makes me laugh every time!

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