Africa - 2019 Day 8 cont.. - Day15

by Nick Ambrose December. 04, 2019 375 views

To continue day 8 we are just leaving the mainland of Tanzania on our 2 hour flight with Coastal Aviation and continuing on to the Island of Zanzibar.

Arriving at a very wet airfield in Zanzibar.

On the approach to the airfield we can see a lot of cloud and it is clearly raining hard.

Landing, we make a dash for the small terminal building. This is obviously no Heathrow Airport and is all rather slapdash in it's operation.

Our room at the Kisiwa House Hotel in Stone Town.

There was no alcohol in our hotel but we soon found one on the sea front.

Stone Town.

Another very rainy day.

Liz looks very stylish in her plastic rain cape.

Outside the slave market museum.

The fish market.

The sea front in Stone Town.

At last some sunny weather at Kisiwa on the beach resort on the east coast .

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