starting 2017 in 2016.

by Nico Witwicki December. 28, 2016 334 views

home is where..

I didn't want to start a blog. Ever. But since I am studying and working a lot, I feel like I haven't had the time to improve some of my skills, such as photography. So besides university and work I always wanted to do certain kinds of projects and since 2017 (my bachelor year) is showing up.. why not? But..this isn't a project I was planning to do, this is one I just ran into, or that ran into me. So I see this as something that forces and pushes me to keep on constantly creating something new.

This shot has been taken on the go, while I was driving home for christmas. Even if I wish to shoot a whole lot of more pictures with my DSLR or any analogue camera I have, I unfortunately find myself always taking pictures with my iPhone. At least 95% of the time, just because it's always with me.

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