The Wonders of the Outside World

by Nikunjika Kamra January. 17, 2017 479 views

There are journeys that seep deep into life and then there are moments that keep them alive. Whenever I come across an exquisite river like this, the cyclone of thoughts drenches my mind.

The huge rocks obstruct the flow of the river. Isn't that what happens with us all the time. The rocks of reality knock down the waves of our dreams, leaving us shattered. 

But isn't it also true that the struggle of the river never bows! Instead, it smoothens the sharpness of the rocks?

Things are rough in this world. Obstacles constantly find their way into our paths. We find ourselves beaten down, struggling to just find our way to some sunshine.

A river flows minute after minute, day after day. Thousands of years later a grand canyon emerges and the river still flows, the waters reaching the destination for which they set out. Maybe, our lives are just like that river.

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