Life is for its own sake

by Nikunjika Kamra February. 21, 2017 295 views

A flower blooms by the wayside and a passerby thinks it has bloomed for its sake and the fragrance is meant to please him. But flowers bloom in secluded places too. I feel they bloom for the joy of blooming, and not pleasing others. If someone takes a step ahead to partake their fragrance, it's a different matter altogether. 

Humans have their own limitations. We are conditioned in terms of utility, be it nature as well. If the clouds have gathered, they have gathered to irrigate our fields, the sun has shone brightly to give us light and what not!

Nature, I believe is the most rewarding form of introspection. 

Life is for its own sake, for the sake of being life.

You too, after all are here out of your own joy. 

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