Doused Feet...

by Nikunjika Kamra May. 11, 2017 635 views

With each and every day passing walking paths, some with flowers scattered on grass like frozen flames, bringing their cool burst to the late spring morning and some loaded with thorns, that figured out how to cut your skin as effectively as a blade, leaving everything whipped, there comes a moment when you feel you're just tired of the adventure- those ways where you are running over various turns yet no finishes.

And after that, when this chilly water drenches your feet, it leaves you in the midst of a wind of musings- you too have fallen from some mysterious heights. When you started discovering your way through the streams, you came across every possible obstacle- once in a while the rocks were too sharp, sometimes those built dams simply ensured that you stream no more, however you never looked back in your stride to reach the vast oceans, you ensured that you continue streaming! Thank You. 

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Berckmans Peter 3 years, 6 months ago

Nice photo. Great text

3 years, 6 months ago Edited