Mad society..

by Nobi Dolo April. 20, 2017 681 views

I was so self indulge in my own pride.. little did I knew I was desperate for made me angry because no one could understand me.. How could they when the words that comes out aren't the things running inside my mind,i act different,appear different..I didn't realize I was hiding

Until one day I came to an understanding we all grew up differently..and as we aged we started to go with the bullshit we been taught to believe,we get mad at others for believing a different shit..when in reality we're all shit ourselves.. Jealous over things we don't got while failing to appreciate the things we have..

But is anyone ever wrong, we're all self righteous here.. because we're too weak to admit our own could you even knew you were wrong when you're to busy planning an escape.

Did you get the satisfaction you were looking for when you're done with all the goals you wanted to achieve

We let our delusion get the best of us than get frustrated because things didn't turn out the way it's meant too..

Tell me again how things should be then??

We keep saying that perfection was unattainable and imperfection was the way..yet we try to be perfect and fail to see the mistake in our ways.

We fill our brain so much our heart became empty and the soul no longer wants to be part of the battle..

                                                                            by SAPAM JUSTIN

in a world far from worries


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