The Start of My Day Begins at the Gratitude Cafe

by No Elle July. 25, 2009 4383 views

I left the floor pit feeling nothing but gratitude. Jason Mraz has done it again, giving me feelings of joy and excitement and I'll have to admit: That night was practically perfect!!

Here are pics of the night showing how amazingly close we were. Of course it did sacrifice our opportunity to explore the side booths, but it was well worth it! I don't even regret going into the men's bathroom (and if you know me, I'd usually would be very frightened. But if you gotta go then you gotta go.) Joy: I said that night, “Sorry Gentlemen but the women are coming in. I will not look, and I will not judge.” Ahaha!

Jason Killed it. He was gracious enough to perform out in the crowd after it down poured on the lawn. Or maybe he went there b/c I had a sign indicating it was my moms 60th Bday with her seat#. He performed 2 seats in front of her! So it was a happy birthday after all.

For that night thanks to my ride Valerie and for Ants and April for simply being there. I'm glad this was your best concert.


Bushwalla hosted the “Gratitude Cafe” Show at Merriweather Post Pavillion for Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchingson, G-Love and Special Sauce

Between heads this photo of Jason Mraz was just simply nice. It showed passion in his face. Look how he scrunches his nose! You know by that expression that he was about to tear up that song!

“Gratitude Cafe”

Jason Mraz tells us to follow: UHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHH… into “A Beautiful Mess” My Family identifies that song with my mother. She's a beautiful mess but we love her so much. Again Happy 60th Birthday Mother!

I love it when Jason Mraz points to the heavens. He does that often.

“Gratitude Cafe”

Near the end of the concert where Jason Mraz left the stage to walk through the crowd to sing for the people sitting way way way far back. This picture is of the empty stage (people-wise) where it's only lit by the screen behind. The screen showed his performance during the number where he sang in the audience. After that part everyone could honestly say, “Wow. What a nice guy!”

“Gratitude Cafe”

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