The Beast's Animals Posts

I freaked out when I saw this on my closet, but at least I've got some nice shots. thank you for visit

I am thinking about getting one of those SLR cameras, because I love old fashioned photographs. That's what inspired me to process first two shots. Enjoy

This set is perfect example of creatures who cares about each other the most. Not cats. Not kittens. But family members. thanks for visit.

This is another Ben's set of photos. He likes my camera, especially while he's sleepy, like in this set. thank you for visit, I hope you like these shots.

A few days ago was snowing and that was Ben's first touch with the snow. I hope you will enjoy those photos I've taken. kisses, Sabina.

A few monts ago I was taking some photoshooting and saw these animals so I couldn't help myself but photograph them. Hope you like it.

Hello everyone, I want to introduce my new pet to you. It's a persian cat named Max. hope you like him :)