Boxing Day Picnic @ Cyberport

by Norma L. December. 26, 2007 5585 views

I had a really great day out with my friends Mandy, Alice and Boris, together with seven of our lovely dogs of HKDR, namely: Agatha, Peter, Pepper, Lulu, Redding, Chandler and BB.

We walked from our kennels down to the Cyberport Park, where dogs are allowed to enter. We found ourselves among loads of dogs. Many people brought their dogs to the park and we can see that both humans and dogs enjoyed it~

We did have a mishap during the picnic, where Peter suddenly tugged his leash, and it became loose, and he decided to run away. Thank goodness Mandy managed to catch him… (we had three cases of dogs running off that day, but either we managed to catch them or the dogs decided to run back to the kennels… phew… lucky~~~)

Oh, a piece of announcement, this blog will be on hiatus after this posting, because, due to some personal issues, i will not be able to work at the kennels… but if you are interested to see and learn more about life at the kennels, feel free to visit my friend Mandy's blog @
See you soon!

Pepper (the large Collie) and Redding (the Beagle-mix), eyeing on the Panettone (an Italian X'mas Cake) on Boris' hand…

Peter, after his great "escape"

Agatha, enjoying herself under the sun~

BB, the 15-yo old lady (a Pomeranian-cross) , sitting on the bench, looking out to the sea~


BB again…

Pepper, still eyeing on the Panettone


Agatha, getting a nap


Redding: hm… that smells funny~

Agatha: Redding, what are you smelling?

Peter: hehehe, I love this picnic~


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Kriszta Heger 13 years, 8 months ago

lucky day, lucky dogs - great day!

13 years, 8 months ago Edited