As mentioned, Scruffies Week!

by Norma L. January. 25, 2009 2751 views

Like I said from last week's post, more and more scruffies came to the kennels, perhaps somebody up there is telling me to find another ‘daughter’ or ‘son’ to replace Agatha? Oh well… Agatha IS leaving with Emma this Saturday, so I gonna spend my last day with her enjoying ourselves together!

After that, ok, I need to find a new love… WAIT…. My love for Agatha can't be replaced! Got it?

But still, I can be HKDR's resident scruffy terrier lover!

Hehe, I am ready for my weekly ritual!




Another Rolllllllllllll!

Now I would like to have quick run…..

Alright, I will take a rest now…. I will continue later… Norma, why don't you go and take a look at Marmalade? You left her by the bench!

Heh, it's ok… I am not really sure where I am anyway…

(silly girl, you are at the Cyberport Doggy Park!)

Meanwhile… Agatha went to do her roll-flip-kick AGAIN!

An ran off again….

People kept on commenting how fast she runs…. despite the fact… she's getting fat….

Apparently, this Old English Sheepdog thinks the Hong Kong weather is not cool enough, that he decides to take a cold shower!

Marmalade: Enjoying yourself? My dear room-mate who is leaving soon?

Agatha: Yep! As always! I gonna miss my weekly walks and runs with Norma! Oh yea… and she will miss me too…. But hopefully, Emma will bring my to long walkies too~ Norma, you don't have to miss me too much! I will be in good hands!

Marmalade: (in her mind) EXCELLENT! Next week I will get her bed and toys! *smirk*

Scuffy no.1: Perry

What a cheerful and friendly boy he is!!!

Scruff no. 2 and 3 (Left: Isobel, Right: Grace)

Grace was already adopted, just waiting to go to her new home in the afternoon!

Isobel has the cutest eyes that I've ever seen!

Mr Wong! He and Oona have some really cute babies!

Grace again!

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Oweena 11 years ago

Photo #2 has really captured doggy joy!

11 years ago Edited