At Fair in Juthbacka last Friday

by Eija August. 24, 2008 3721 views

Approaching the Market Place. There are hundrets of market tables around that old house and in that field too. This huge open air happening is developed from an old car show and nowaday there are both market sellers and old cars and fans.

Here it starts by the river and continues many hundrets of meters foward.

There are lots of parts of all kind of machines: bikes, chain saws, nuts and screws etc……

Happy sales men who certainly know how to entertain people !!!

It is a rule that here you must bargain to get lower prices !!!

Yes, it was that chicken that I first noticed and then that ape. But this table is full of treasures !!!! THIS IS A COLLECTORS HAVEN !

What's in here ?

Lots of humour and laughter !!! People are enjoying their stay here and making very good, nice, interesting shoppings.

Many old salesmen who truly know how to make people smile !

And of course RAIN. Always, every year comes the rain. But people don't matter about it.

And food, lot of food, all kind of food. You don't have to be hungry here.

Many salesmen come here year after year. And many are from Sweden.

SOUVENIR DOLLS ! Here can you always find new ones.

But the soul of this happening are those salesmen !

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Eija 9 years ago

Thanks for your comments !!! As I saw that yellow chicken I knew Imust take a photo about it. And there are so much other objects on the table too. Well it was A Collectors haven !!!!!!

9 years ago Edited
Sullyde 9 years ago

I love the yellow chicken

9 years ago Edited
Camille 9 years ago

photos of people, what a good idea !!
is it a market ? it's so alive ! because of my bad English I don't really understand "fair" ... sorry ! what do they do ? can you take again photos of people ? they seem so sympathetic ! they smile ...

9 years ago Edited