spirit week: foreign day. (its golden)

by Sara [Loved] January. 14, 2008 1628 views

shes pretty sick of jell-o. after the wisdom teeth got out . . .oh and shes irish btw.

amanda is hawaiian.

saraya is japanese?

holly is gorgeous, not that thats foreign to her.

nick is waving. apparently he was european. and then rob hungerford is . . .uh. and tommy is a sniper from ?? and it goes down hill from there . . .

beth was indian i think and nicole was from the carribean islands. i got that skirt for her in the dominican and the necklace from the philippines.

jessie was german. kisa was asian.

notice the tigggggggger

more asian scholars. johnny and julia.

i was muslim filipino. and quinn//irish.

elissa was scottish, rosemary was french.

asians and germans. kisa jessie forest.

i guess caleb was a tourist.

mrs phillips was . . . .asian.?

they could both fit into the indian pants.

tommy holding evelyn. his apple.

working on our blueboards.

canadian/chinese showdown.

in the library kissing irish computers.

snowwwwwwww. super sparkly.

snowflakes in my hair while talking to daniel.

i did nothing to this pic, i swear the snow was that gold. it looks like sand quinn said. btw those are her feeet.


blake being . . .haha.

tragedy happened to my locker.

my mongolian beggar moments in the gym? lol. edited by the crazy minds of quinn g and sara d.

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