spirit week: decade day (&game vs. cvcs-girls & latham-boys)

by Sara [Loved] January. 15, 2008 4076 views

elissa is nineties, im eighties.

johnny in hiszorro outfit during algebra2.

(rob) bethany and katie.


julia, rachel, jolly, sarah.


shin, 80s.

newsies. johnny, sarah, hannah, rose, julia

kisa and forest.

holly and rachel.

jessie and kellie.

beth and nicole. 50s & hippie.

josh, our bible teacher right now.

my eighties and elissa's 90s.

on a scandalous afternoon date.

remember when elissa and i were . . .

yeah bowtie shirts and i tried to crimp my hair.

one minute a decade dancer. . . and the next. . .

a cheerleader.

kellie, me, and rachel.



y-e-l-l y-e-l-l everybody yell, come on , yeah, lets go . . .

y-e-l-l . . .

hank and tommy.

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