surprising johnny and rob at the dance [operation ricecake]

by Sara [Loved] March. 14, 2008 1534 views

oh but we had fun.

this is the we feel really drugged song.

haha rob and johnny were just sitting when we came in and surprised them. i guess they don't dance at dances.

oh boy, this is ick. or maybe nick, because the music was too loud to tell. but anyways, his friends asked me to dance and make out with him. we settled on just taking pictures and a dance.

aj, rob's friend, poppin for a me and quinn pic.

she was so excited to be there =] haha. this was pre-surprise.

tommilee surprised us and showed up too.

oh the kid that tried to get me to kiss jack, or maybe ick. he was like my agent, but not.

believe it or not my hair acutally looked really good at the beginning, but then the pins fell out and i had to put it in a pony tail. sad story i know.

oh buddy. how low can you go.


quinn and tlee doing the cotton eye joe thing

tlee looking extraordinarily skinny

me && the quinn

tlee and johnny talking.


cute kid. johnny tried to play interference, but it was too funny.

his friends told me he brushes his teeth && takes a shower

so i think he said he was 13, maybe 14.

ick's friends.

i guess she came prepared. quinny and i forgot out cleavage at home =o

the trouble finds me kid.


this kid, andrew i think? took my camera around to get random pix for me. he looks like a cross between my ex and his brother.

still sitting.

the wife finding out about her husband's partying

i think this was during barbie girl

well i can explain. everyone was doing the robot. and thensuddenly we had to pause for a picture. and quinny's face, her hands, and my hands, didn't get the memo, so they're still stuck like that.

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