thurman - fire, ice, && bikes

by Sara [Loved] May. 04, 2008 3309 views

we went to thurman to tape our video for spanish class, snaps of the footage on yesterday's pix.

jed was trying to jump into the picture

the sunshine smile

we'll never grow up

playing halo

quinn and i decided we were young enough to ride those bikes, even though they tires were going flat from our weight . . .

i was trying to do jumps

he decided to push me instead

quinn's cool sunglasses. in focus too.

i guess he was doing the bike thing too. check out my purse i almost forgot in the parking lot =[

grand theft auto

could never be sure how that happened. . .

tlee turned 19 yesterday . . .

quinn and i have the same flip flops, my toes are red.

peter and his marshmallow. i am a cross between little red riding hood and the devil.

so i had to stop for a picture of the lake, but it got me into trouble because . . .

so i was retarded and forgot to put the car in park, i thought the battery died cuz earlier i had left my lights on it. so we got the car jumped by these random guys. as if it didn't look scandalous enough to be parked at sunset by the lake with johnny. great, like i'm gonna call my dad on that one. anyways, the car was fine and we got home on time.

better than our wedding picture, and hey he finally got a ride in the mercedes.

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Rebecca 12 years, 5 months ago

Don't ever go growing up, okay? :)

12 years, 5 months ago Edited