tlee's surprise party

by Sara [Loved] May. 10, 2008 2435 views

i will never love mini dogs, its highly unlikely. and that is why i love big dear old grizz . . .

waiting for tlee to get there

after tlee walked through the door and we had said “SURPRISE!!”





rob (too red?) (too many glasses?)

nathan with a knife?

party food

the longlost boyfriend with his camera friendly girlfriend

i got her the flip flop scrubs, shes studying to be a nurse

our ‘sears’ pose

we played spoons . . .

nathan so cheated . . .he hid spoons in his pocket

we hid our cars in and behind the garage

quinn's spread . . .

we took a walk

ha tricky, holding hands? jk. hes messing with the radio, and i with my gearshift . . .

quinn does this thing where she never stays in my car, but Italic above it.

my hair is getting longerrrrrrrrrrrr!

if ever i have a surprise birthday party, hint hint: i want chocolate cheesecake too

the campfire before the movies. i had to leave before the movies cuz of that silly no driving past nine rule that the state so kindly enslaved me with

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