#munichstreetwalk 2017-10-14 - On the way to the meetup

by Axel Eckenberger October. 15, 2017 545 views

Yesterday I went to the #munichstreetwalk for the first time. It was interesting to meet fellow street photographers from Munich and walk the streets with them. Even if you do street photography for quite a while it is interesting to see how different people approach the same kind of photography differently.

If you interested in seeing the other people pictures here are their Instagram accounts: @daniel_tschitsch, @sebahermann, @munich_fotastic, @niinaamm, @micha_sivo, @zoltanmaar, @boredwoody, and @creativestau. If you interested you can obviously look at my account too @axel_eckenberger 🙂.

On my way to meeting the other photographers I exited the subway at Odeonsplatz where a large yellow wooden wall hides some construction work from the view. This wall has a nice shade of yellow and it did play an important role in the photo walk. However, this was shot earlier on.

Somebody lied out a table. However, there is no restaurant or food as inside the building some construction work was going on.

In Max-Joseph-Platz a fundraising walk was gathering. We saw them later passing Marienplatz.

I was drawn to this picture by the reflection in the window and the leading line formed by the window sill and the man's legs.

The two woman were taking a selfie with Munich's new town hall in the background, when the man crept up behind them and stole himself into the image. Well, at least he was smiling 🙂.

A couple of people were leaning against a wall and listening to the music. I was just preparing to take the shot when the man in front was raising his bottle and taking a sip.

These Japanese girls were taking pictures on Munich's Marienplatz. I really liked the crazy girl on the left, so I had to take some shots. Personally I prefer the first image as the light is right on them. However, on the second image you just can admire her dress better.

This shot was taken trough the columns of the new town hall in Munich. I was waiting for the start of the #munichstreetwalk and just liked the idea to shoot through the columns - so I went and played around. This is the best of the shots, although I am not completely happy about the background behind his face - so note to self: watch the background!

Another passer-by while I was waiting. I really love the look of his face as he whistles while he carries home some shopping bags.

It is football time in Munich and Bayern Munich is playing at home, so there were many football fans around. This man had such a dynamic walk and I loved the contrast of his blue shirt with the red scarf.

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