by Ohaithar April. 09, 2010 1480 views

Worked at Town Hall today. Rather interesting, rarely a quiet moment until after 10:30 or so. Much prefer having people to talk to, otherwise become aware of the dullness of just standing there. Interesting thing; the guy I worked with today told me that he worked for the Myki project in Melbourne, which involved much of the same thing but with longer shifts. So what he'd do while watching people pass was observe which females wore their heels properly and which did not. There's a subtle difference, but it's rather interesting. Also had a couple of guys have a guy at me, that was fun as well. :D
Went to Cabra, met up with some uni friends, studied a litte bit and had good ol' pho. Which didn't suck. Unlike that from the Hurstville Meridian Bistro (six dorrah fifteyy phooo?)

Watched s03e13 of Chuck; they wrote it as if it were the last episode ever, but knowing that there will be at least six more for the season means an interesting arc ahead. A fourth season is plausible too given its ratings, and ranking within the network.

Also watched Crank 2 : High Voltage. Many lols were had. So dumb, but so much lols.

Right the pictures. So, my stand for today. The EPIC UNLIMITED CHILLED WATER FRIDGE and the teletubbies :D (with mostly matching shoes too what the heck)

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