Get an Eiffel of this Tower

by Tim Rogers February. 14, 2015 2963 views

Ahhhh Paris. I spent 55 amazing weeks in the city of light. I never thought I'd even visit there and once I got there I never wanted to leave. Every cliche about the architecture, the food, the streetscape, the Seine and the landmarks was true. Every cliche about snooty waiters, rude Parisians and the language barrier was rubbish.

You could say Paris has the odd tourist, here and there. Summer can bring in close to a million an one time. So landmarks like the Eiffel Tower & Montmartre can get in the background of the odd photo. Sadly most photos in this era are selfies with the landmark itself a minor player. The photos we take are never going to be as good as the ones taken by pros for postcards. I guess we just want to prove to ourselves we were in those amazing places.

When I went back there last year I had a group with me, a sporting team I was responsible for. We got off the train and headed towards the Eiffel Tower along the Seine. As we got closer I pointed to the boys where to go and told them what time to meet me. I let them go ahead and then ducked down a back street…coach in tow…and approached the tower; not from the typical front on route via Pont d'iena but through a little side street called Rue de Buenos Aires and then through the western side of the park. The Tower appeared to us in the gaps between trees, in tiny glimpses moving into ever increases expanses of metal and craftsmanship. I'd seen the tower literally 100's of times before. I knew it so well after my year in the city of lights. I'd never seen it looking so good as it seemed to duck and dive between the classical Haussmann architecture (the buildings you always think of when you think of Paris) and then behind the trees before revealing itself fully.

Maybe that little detour tells us something. Instead of taking the obvious path front on, we need to come in from the side. Do things in a non conventional way. The great things in life, the great journeys we take, even the familiar and classic will take on a whole new feel if we approach them via a road less travelled.

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