Finding Peace

by Tim Rogers March. 16, 2015 2659 views

Is there any better feeling than being truly, totally, utterly at peace. Maybe being truly totally utterly in love I guess. But short of that being at peace has to be next.

Everyone's view of being at peace is different. For some you have to add the words “and quiet” afterwards to find their nirvana. For others it may mean free of worry, free of concerns. It means having a degree of control, not over what is happening, but over how you choose to deal with things. I know its far from perfect but I like that definition better. It allows you to find peace anywhere; from lying on a comfortable couch on your own to being surrounded with good friends and family to sitting in a crowd of thousands sharing some collective experience.

It doesn't really matter what being at peace means to you, just that you search for it. Most of our most stressful times can come when we lose that target. That can happen too easily, and that's often not your fault…although way too often we are our own worst enemy. With our thought processes, not letting things go, not forgiving (others and very often ourselves) we stop ourselves from finding peace. But as long as you keep searching for it, and enjoy it when it comes along, you'll be ok. We all know it's a journey not a destination anyway.

I don't know what peace LOOKS like to other people, but I'm pretty sure it FEELS like these images. The interesting thing was these photos were taken in at first extremely low light & then pitch black. There was just a small light on either side of the bridge, none on the bridge itself. I think that is the most powerful part of the metaphor. Peace, my idea of peace anyway, was right there. I just had to be patient and look a little closer.

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Phyllis 5 years, 4 months ago

very thought provoking essay

5 years, 4 months ago Edited