Morning on the pier

by Tim Rogers April. 02, 2015 3170 views

It was a cold morning when I headed to Lorne Pier just before the sun came up. The cloud was thick but patchy and the light wasn't going to be that great. I doubted there would be any magic from the sunrise that morning.

When I got there, disappointed but determined to get something, I hunted around the car for my tripod. No luck. I'd only brought a mini tripod about 15cm high. My expectations for something memorable were fairly non-existent at this stage. But practice is practice so I went onto the pier and tried a few things.

I love these photos! Not because I think they are high art or technically correct. But because I lowered my expectations and just let the moment take me. I tried something new with the lines and the angle of the photo. I wasn't expecting much, but personally feel like I got a lot. I'm grateful for the poor sky, poor light and forgotten full size tripod.

I want to live that way! To try new things I haven't thought about before. To be caught out but make something of the situation. To be grateful for what I have and not get pissy about what I didn't have. To not get my way but make it work for me anyway. I want to turn my fuck ups into victories…by not acknowledging them as mistakes but opportunities. I don't want to live an “oh woe is me” existence.

I want to make hay when the sun shines but occasionally I'm going to dance in the rain.

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Kenny H 5 years, 7 months ago

The angle is perfect, and they're equally cool in color of B&W.

5 years, 7 months ago Edited