Ghosts on the Pier

by Tim Rogers April. 05, 2015 2675 views

I love to “photograph ghosts”. It's not that hard to make ghosts appear in a photo. It's a simple procedure as most shutterbugs know, but it often leads to impressed gasps and wide eyed inquiry from anyone unfamiliar with the technique. They make for incredible photos, blurred people or animals across the screen, appearing to have a phantom-like quality. And let's face it, we look at photos on a screen more than we do the old fashion way in this the digital era.

I often think of ghosts as our memories. All too often they come back to haunt us. Our ghosts can be malevolent and fill us with doubt, regret, sadness or fear. They can also be benevolent and remind us of good times, smart moves and happiness. We can choose to let the bad ghosts settle in and effect us and by extension those around us forever. I know I've been the victim of someone's ghosts. It hurt! Sometimes they are their to leave a message & help us learn a lesson or a better way to be. We can listen to their message but then exorcise them from our brains and move on.

We can also let the good ones settle in and keep us company. They can remind us of our good times and help us cultivate more of their kind. Our ghosts can be a spectre of doom or a welcome guest.

It's up to us to decide which ones live on.

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