Cradle Mountain Magic

by Tim Rogers November. 13, 2015 1837 views

The Aurora Australis over Cradle Mountain in Tasmania had all but waned. Whereas earlier I had shared the mountain & shimmering lake with the Southern Lights, now it was just me. The magic had drifted west. I had a feeling though that we would meet again. Well I knew that the pursuit would never end. I had seen the Aurora once, and once will never be enough.

So as I stood alone in the ca rpark, mountain in front of me, stars above and not a cloud in the sky to block the view. I decided to do a few star trails. I set the camera and hit the button. I figured I'd get two shots in before the need for rest would win the day. The temperature was steadily dropping and I quickly got a jacket out of the car. The car lights turned on, straight across the lens destroying the shot. Rookie mistake. I shot again and tried to keep warm. The sky really was incredible above me. When there is no light pollution the sky not only gives you more stars filling the sky, it gives you shape. It's like being in a giant dome. The sky seems to wrap around the earth. Instead of being flat, it takes on more texture and fullness.

The cold was beginning to win and I decided after 5min to have a look at the shot. I knew the star trails would be short but I figured it might be enough and the cold really was rolling in, making me more sleepy. When I checked the shot I was sure I'd made a mistake. How could the sky be that colour??? I have no idea how to photoshop a photo to look like it was looking in the camera, I wouldn't know where to start. Why was the dark sky in front of me pink…bright pink? It seems that even though the aurora was gone to the naked eye, it's effect on the sky was still lingering. So I shot again, with the same result. And then a third time. Still a pink sky. The photo wasn't as sharp as I hoped and the star trails too short…but that sky with a late infusion of light aurora was incredible.

I packed up and looked up across Dove Lake to the silhouette of the mountain to my south. The twin peaks were gently draped in a starry sky you can only see in the wilderness. The lake had a light shine from the millions of suns above. As surreal and dumbfounding as the image in the camera was (I still don't fully get it), nothing beats what we see with the naked eye.

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Jay Boggess 5 years, 7 months ago

Otherworldly beauty! Bravo!

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Fatfatcats 5 years, 7 months ago

Magic! Magic!

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Eiviana 5 years, 7 months ago


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