A Road Less Travelled

by Tim Rogers November. 25, 2015 4157 views

I want to tell you where this is, I really do. The fact is I really don't know. Well I know the general environ I was when I took these photos but I couldn't really pinpoint them on a map precisely.

I remember I turned off the road at a place called Taranna, somewhere on the Tasman Peninsula in South Eastern Tasmania. I had no plan, I just decided to take the road less travelled as Robert Frost suggested we do in his poem The Road Not Taken. It wrapped around the coast, twisting and turning through small coastal villages and locales. There were no shops or hotels or any signs of business, just houses tucked away off the road. It was nice, not breathtaking but pleasant.

The road hooked around a small point out in the water…Norfolk Bay I assume and then hugged the coast along a bay. The tide was out and the bay was backed by about 100m of light grey mud that alternated between mud and water as it edged towards the shore line at that particular time. “Reflections” I thought as I surveyed the bay. The sun was starting it's final hour so in decided to walk out and see what I could find. The land-water-land-water would be interesting I thought.

The mud was hard and easy to traverse. The water when I hit it was very cold for that time of year. The cloud was wondering what it would do; drift off or take over the sky. Over the hour and a half I was there it did both. On occasion the sun would peer through the gaps in the cloud and rays of Sunshine would drift down from the heavens and grab everything in sight. The reflections on the water interrupted by the land made an interesting pattern in front of me. I moved around barefoot, dodging little crabs that appeared every ice in a while and wondered if the plovers and magpies above me were the swooping kind.

Finally the clouds decided to dominate and the tide began to drift further in to the shore. A quick glance across the mud told me it wouldn't be too deep so I headed out further, planted the tripod and wandered into shot. I looked out at the island on the edge of the bay and let the last rays fall across my gaze. It was peaceful. I like it there.

As I drove home I thought about how inspired Frost was when he suggested we take the road less travelled. I thought about all the journeys I'd made on a dirt track or back road. It really does make all the difference. I think I'll make that road my first choice

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Fatfatcats 5 years, 5 months ago

Awesome !!

5 years, 5 months ago Edited
Eiviana 5 years, 5 months ago

Incredibly beautiful! Love the colours on the 1st and 3rd images.

5 years, 5 months ago Edited
Bill Baird 5 years, 5 months ago

Oh My !!! Beautiful !!

5 years, 5 months ago Edited
Antonio Gil 5 years, 5 months ago

#3 to my favs. Incredible beauty

5 years, 5 months ago Edited
Paolo Martini 5 years, 5 months ago

... Beautiful shots !

5 years, 5 months ago Edited
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