The Roos of Menindee Road

by Tim Rogers June. 28, 2017 1465 views

My record for longest travel to take a photo went out a little a few weeks ago. I now no longer measure the journey in hours, I measure it in days. A thousand kilometres and 11 hours on day one, 110km on day two. Well that was the plan anyway.

The outback isn't the safest place to drive at night and especially bang on dawn. I knew this but the desire to get to Menindee Lakes before the sun had me in my hire car at that time. The road I was taking was the location for Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior). I knew the road and I was being careful. I was driving well below the speed limit and keeping my eyes open. Unfortunately the kangaroos weren't so careful. 20km passed the spot where Max rolled the interceptor, I felt a violent thud on the front left side. All I saw was kangaroo parts mixed with plastic flying through the air as the front left headlight fixture exploded. But there didn't seem to be any damage to the engine or any moving parts bar the headlight. Sure there was a gaping hole in the front of the car but mechanically we were ok. So I drove on.

I saw the second one. It tried to get across in front of the car but didn't make it. The kangaroo hit the car in the front right panel and wrapped its body along the side of the car all the way to the back. The thud wasn't as bad as the first and the damage to the car was superficial. No mechanical damage again.

I rang the hire company but with the car mechanically sound and the nearest depot 1300km away in Sydney, I was going to have to carry on with a huge hole in the front of the car, but a cool story to tell. It's not often multiple kangaroos "attack" your car on the road where Mad Max fought off the Beserker's in my favourite movie from my teenage years.

That night I was at Lake Panamaroo again. The sky was bald but that lake was amazing and a light show followed anyway. I'd never seen a rainbow sunset. My jaw hung low as the sky exploded with technically every colour in the rainbow and reproduced it across the water.

I decided to stay the night and see what the sunrise could offer. Hopefully no more bloody kangaroos

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Robert Taylor 2 years, 11 months ago

What we do to get our shot,, it was worth the banged up car,, these photos are haunting and beautiful, nicely done

2 years, 11 months ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to Robert Taylor 2 years, 11 months ago


Yep definitely worth the drive, the car and the kangaroos

2 years, 11 months ago Edited
Jay Boggess 3 years ago

WOW! Incredible adventure and brilliant images! Glad you were not injured or left with a inoperable vehicle!

3 years ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to Jay Boggess 3 years ago

Thanks Jay. It's an incredible place

3 years ago Edited
Jay Boggess Replied to Tim Rogers 3 years ago

Thanks for sharing with us!

3 years ago Edited
Derek Sexton 3 years ago

You are quite brave driving in the bush with a, what is that a Kia? But don't forget that Max didn't hesitate to take out the front end when he was on it.

3 years ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to Derek Sexton 3 years ago

Maybe Roos don't like Korean cars in their neighbourhood 😀

3 years ago Edited
- Kim - 3 years ago

Absolutely gorgeous sunset photos!  Sorry about the bumps and hurt kangaroos along the way.

3 years ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to - Kim - 3 years ago

The kangaroos are no more sadly. But ill be back to that lake again soon

3 years ago Edited
- Kim - Replied to Tim Rogers 3 years ago

Yes, sorry; I meant "lost" (not simply "hurt") kangaroos.  Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

3 years ago Edited
Dinaana Mh 3 years ago

The colors are amazing!

3 years ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to Dinaana Mh 3 years ago


3 years ago Edited
Kenny H 3 years ago

Great story.  The photos burst with color.

3 years ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to Kenny H 3 years ago

Thanks, I've been there a few times and it's amazing

3 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 3 years ago

Just amazing. Those colors are unforgettable. I will never look at a kangaroo the same way smile

3 years ago Edited
Tim Rogers Replied to Antonio Gil 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure they were trying to drive me off the road

3 years ago Edited