Australian Holiday day 18

by Oknuma M August. 12, 2008 1467 views

Today was a day out of the house SHOPPING !!
$ were spent on clothes, shoes etc at Chadstone shopping centre. Chadstone is HUGE and they are still building more wings.

The kids then spent the night with L&L while hubby and I headed into Melbourne city for a night out with one of hubbies old school mates.

Meeting up with C and S was a nightmare! First we thought Flinders street station was Melb central so we got off there after texting C but couldnt find him anywhere. I then asked a guard and found out we were two stations short of where we needed to be. We got back on the next train and tried to call C several times but he didnt answer. We then realised that Melb Central station is a HUGE place full of shops, cinemas, restaurants and more and spans several blocks worth of space in the city. We finally gave up on C and decided to catch a movie and dinner then head home but finally got a text from C turns out we were calling the wrong number LOL.

We all headed into china town for dinner and then back to their flat to meet their babies - 3 gorgeous female rats before heading home.

I have to guiltily admit i got no pics of china town but it was stunning!

Melbourne station and shopping centre is built around a heritage listing building which was the old shot factory. During the day it is open as a musuem. The central part of the whole centre is called the hive as you can see above.

Monkey , Dora and Dot enjoying yoghurt on a spoon

Melbourne Central seen from C and S's apartment

More views from C and S's place. The Melbourne State Libary is HUGE!

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