Horse Riding Day

by Oknuma M November. 05, 2008 1323 views

Its been a while since we have updated with the Princess' horse riding lessons.
She has been doing fabulously but after a couple of falls she has been a bit scared to try new jumping heights, get back into cantering etc.
It came to a point where hubby and I had to sit her down with the head instructor and point out that we did not intend to continue paying a near fortune for her to coast along and not try new things. The princess is now committed to trying everything she is asked and we are very pleased with this new attitude of hers.

Today I had to leave during the lesson to pick a few things up from the shops. When I got back the assistant instructor came over and asked if i had seen her unassisted canter. I had not :(
However I didnt miss out. They continued Canter lessons for another 10 minutes and the Princess was grinning ear to ear.
They then went on to some trotting poles and jumping which is standard for her however her position was great for most of the jumps.

the princess was riding Buddy this week in a fairly large lesson.

Trotting in over trotting poles, jump and canter out.

2nd part of a trotting double.

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