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by Oldbabe February. 26, 2008 2212 views

Decided to post simple pleasures today instead of tomorrow. Had more time today and have plans for tomorrow. I know there are more pleasures than this…these just came to me off the top of my head. Others I didn't photograph that I can think of is the smell of rain on a hot summer day as it hits the dirt, walking barefoot, sitting under the stars around a campfire, spotting a shooting star, a garden full of flowers I started from seed, hoarfrost on a cold winter's day, and my family always.

May your life be full of pleasures and sorrows few!

1. I love the feel of dirt in my hands. No gardening gloves for me! Dirt in the hand is even better when the wind is blowing your hair, birds are singing, flowers are all around, and the sun is warm on your face. (of course it's not a simple pleasure to have dirt always in the fingernails that doesn't come out)!

2. I love cuddling on a cold night under an warm old quilt. It's even better if the quilt is homemade!

3. I love the smell and taste of any kind of homemade bread.

4. I love homemade cards from a friend that takes all that time to make a card especially for me. (A big thanks to my friend, Marsha, I mean Queen911)

5. I love hugs and "I love yous" from granddaughters - they are both aged 3 now. (There's never anyone around with a camera to take a pic of me when that happens).

6. I love looking at and eating from a shelf of home canned goodness. I like gardening and canning too.

7. I love listening to Irish/Celtic music. I have Irish roots and feel my ancestors around me when I listen.

8. I love to find a new ancestor or a new tidbit about an ancestor and especially love it when someone sends me a pic to add to my ancestor wall. Genealogy is a passion. I like to find out why I am the way I am - who contriubuted what to make me me?

9. I love it when I have someone really excited to see me when I get home from a long day at work. (My husband and a granddaughter. My granddaughter always squeals with delight when I make an entrance. My husband is excited to see me because he knows the hard day of watching granddaughter is done!! )

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Allison 13 years ago

Love the set of photos. You have so many hobbies. I admire that.

13 years ago Edited
Tracy 13 years ago

This is a great set! I want your recipes for canning. I have been thinking of doing a bit of my own!

13 years ago Edited
Pete 13 years ago

nice set on the theme

13 years ago Edited
Lynda 13 years ago

This is a beautiful post. You shine through on each photo??I can imagine sitting in your kitchen and feeling the warmth of your home. This set is filled with more than simple joys??it is overflowing with the a zest for life. Thanks for sharing. This is the kind of post that makes me think of all the simple joys that we too rarely stop and count.

13 years ago Edited
Mary 13 years ago

The picture of your grandchildren is just precious! Your set makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...thanks! Today I needed it!

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Jacki 13 years ago

What a great post, thanks for sharing all these things! They're all so "cozy"... and what cute grand kids (I inherited 2 when JR and I got married last May, love them!)... that shot of your hubby cracked me up, it's like you caught them both with the same mouth expression!

13 years ago Edited
Marsha 13 years ago

This post is just what I thought it would be. There is love in every picture. I agree with ambersunsets - You are a very special woman and FRIEND.

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Julie 13 years ago

This post is so touching. I can relate so well to the smell and taste of bread. I also love to garden, and hope to get some tips from you some time. Oh, and the canned goods look so wholesome. You are one special lady. Thanks so much for sharing.
BTW, love the last photo of your husband and granddaughter(:
ps How did you first get involved in genealogy? I've dabbled, but haven't gotten far.

13 years ago Edited