A Haircut, A Little Surgery and a Dentist Visit - The Old Fashioned Way

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I found the doctor and dentist set interesting because my grandfather had three brothers who were doctors and one who was a dentist.

My great grandfather, Michael Joynt, a poor Irish Catholic, survived the famine in Ireland but immigrated to America later in 1867 and came direct to Iowa. He homesteaded a farm that stayed in the family for over 130 years. Michael cleared the prairie land, built a house, improved the land and became a prosperous farmer who put 4 sons through college to become doctors. The three girls became nurses. Two other sons, my grandfather included, became farmers. My grandfather, David, the youngest, dreamed of being a doctor too, but instead felt a responsibility to remain on the farm to help his parents. He later inherited the homestead, a place I loved to visit in the summers when I was younger.

The sons all graduated from college and started in practice in the early 1900s. Albert and Martin were both eye,ear,nose and throat doctors. I have quite an interesting story of Albert doing post graduate work in Europe when WWI broke out. Robert was a dentist and Michael was an old country doctor. Michael's obit mentioned he made house calls in his horse and buggy and delivered over 3,300 babies during his years of practice.

All photos except for my family were from Walnut Grove Pioneer Village in Scott county, Iowa.

I was trying to figure out what time period was represented here.
Coca-Cola originated as a soda fountain beverage in 1886 selling for five cents a glass.

I promise I won't!

Let's go in and see how the barber is doing.

How would you like your hair cut?

What do you think about those presidential candidates?

Welcome to the tonsorial parlor. Lie here for your surgery. Don't worry.

Surgical implements, I presume. I'm getting queasy looking at them.

Old medicine bottles.

The doc's desk. Looks like a booze bottle back there in the background. For him or the patients? I like that mortar and pestle too.

Oh, you say your teeth hurt? Well, sit here in this dentist chair. (Sorry I couldn't get a better pic of the chair. This apparatus was in front of it and this was all the closer I could get for a pic)

This is attached to the side of the dentist chair. This is where you would spit, I believe. (I actually remember dentist chairs with this attached to the side. You spit in it and swirling water took your spit to somewhere unknown)

The Michael and Bridget McDermott Joynt Family (My great grandparents and children)
I mentioned yesterday that some of these photos would be good for a family history scrapbook. I added this from my family history files. Several members of this family were doctors, dentists and nurses. They weren't part of the exhibit at walnut Grove!

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Tracy 13 years ago

Wowzas! Great story!
Love those old bottles...so much character!

13 years ago Edited
Marsha 13 years ago

I just love the stories about your families. So much history told with so much passion.

13 years ago Edited
Allison 13 years ago

Very interesting! What a cool place to shoot photos

13 years ago Edited
Thomas Thompson 13 years ago

Very very cool pictures, I don't care for the dentist now I would really hate to go back then haha Real detail and nice history

13 years ago Edited
Bertram J Chatham 13 years ago

Your pix brought back memories of listening to the old guys "chew the fat" while I got my haircut. Good post!

13 years ago Edited
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