Get lost (in Turkey)

by Ole Bo Jensen August. 14, 2019 221 views
Turkish flyer/diver

Turkish flyer/diver

What I really love about photography is the funny ability to get lost somewhere.

With a camera in hand you can convince yourself to overcome fears/struggles you normally would step away from.

I was visiting southern Turkey and actually only should drive from Antalya to Alanya, a trip of 120km on a Yamaha XT660 motorcycle. I must have thought it to be too easy, so I took a 300km detour into the turkish mainland, looking for curves for the bike and pictures for the Leica M9/28mm combo I brought.

After 150km I arrived a at lake, it was 35 degree celsius, I needed something cold and bought myself an icecream.

At a small pier some boys were hanging out and I walked out to see what they were doing. We couldn't talk with eachother because of the language but handsigns and body language is always efficient.

After a longer 'conversation' about my bike and my trip, I asked if one of the boys would take a jump for the camera and one of them accepted to do the stunt.

I quickly measured the light and the distance and made my victim clear that I was ready.

He jumped, I pressed the shutter and together we saw the picture on the screen. I didn't take another and after more talk I drove off to my final distination.

Looking a the picture on my computer, I realized that this picture was a real diamond, and I use a lot in my life.

If it wasn't for the camera I would have arrived in Alanya 6 hours later.

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