Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque), Shiraz, Iran

by Oliver Chan July. 03, 2021 77 views

The mosque was built during the Qajar dynasty, and is still in use under protection by the Endowment Foundation of Nasir al Molk. Construction began in 1876 and was completed in 1888.

The mosque was designed using many beautiful colored glass pieces on the front side of the building, which emits beautiful colors onto the large rugs whenever the sun is shining brightly onto the facade.

It's not just the interior that makes a lasting impression. In addition to the glorious display of light and color through the stained glass, the mosque features other striking elements of design and architecture, including intricate geometric tile designs, painted arches and niches, and spectacular domes. The exterior is equally impressive with an open courtyard that features a long, rectangular reflecting pool. The stunning tile work in pink, blue, and yellow hues helps create an uplifting and opulent atmosphere for worship.

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