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A dear friend of mine from http://iranallday.blogspot.com/ [http] writes:
As she stood on the corner watching the people protesting, she never expected to be specifically aimed right in the chest. One minute standing on her own feet watching protestors the next minute being slowly brought to the floor as she got struck with a bullet. The most painful moment had to be as she slowly died right in front of everyones eyes around the world. Whether you watched it on youtube or via e-mail, everyone felt horrible as blood slowly fileld her mouth and nose.

The aftermath, she became part of the Iranian peoples cry, a cry for change, a cry for freedom. Her death which was caught on camera and spread all over the internet touch the hearts of many around the world.

In San fransisco they made a head statue of her, in Rome, Italy they named a street after her, in the hunger strike ralley in Paris the masses had the picture of Neda covering their faces to say “we are all neda”. In reality, we are all Neda, we protested for freedom as she did, and many died as she did. Neda was a common example of what happens to a young woman or man if they stand up against the government.

Neda's death shows Iranians that this time we cannot back down. If they violently shot her down the way they did, that means the government does not care about the safety of the people. This also shows that if they can take away the life of someone who was just watching the protests dont think for a second they wont do the same to you or your loved one.

Neda was just one of many who had their life taken away but her spirit will live in every Iranian, because the martyr is valuable in Iranian culture.

May god take care of you Neda and please watch over us as we fight for what you died for.

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Salarsohrabi 11 years, 5 months ago

we never GIVE UP

11 years, 5 months ago Edited
Robel Narte 11 years, 6 months ago

We support the cause all the way my friend! rest assured!

11 years, 6 months ago Edited
Ines 11 years, 6 months ago

No, we do not forget

11 years, 6 months ago Edited
Jarvo J 11 years, 6 months ago

In a way we are all Neda, because we are all diminished in some way when despotic people use violence and murder to achieve their anti-democratic ends. In another way though, some people suffer more than others as a result of what goes on Maybe they are more Neda-like.

11 years, 6 months ago Edited
Ricardo 11 years, 6 months ago


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