Bad Landing

by Ricardo September. 16, 2009 3320 views

Sphodromantis gastrica aka Giant Green Mantis

Actually I must say these bugs have never fascinated me. Simple for the fact they are big, and they look kinda scary! This one has landed in my aunt's leg, and she very scared throw it away to the land. I saw it and took these pics before it flies away again.

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Tom 7 years, 12 months ago

Very cool captures Ricky, I have not seen one of those critters in ages

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Hong S 8 years ago

Nice pics,, but this is one of the creature im scared of,,I remember mostly can find another creature in the belly of this

8 years ago Edited
Christa 8 years ago

A louva-Deus também me fascina. Imagino que ambas, (a tia e a louve-Deus) ficaram ambas assustadas. Belas linhas.

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Balã¡Zs 8 years ago

It's really green and frisky. :)

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Marco 8 years ago

Na minha opinião, os insectos possuem a vanguarda de estilo, linhas, cores, etc etc etc...

Este set é um bom exemplo disso!

8 years ago Edited
Sadhya Rippon 8 years ago

WOW Ricky. This is such a good post.

8 years ago Edited
Bogi 8 years ago

awesome creation!

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Milton Jacob 8 years ago

:) nice shots in that green colour

8 years ago Edited
Nikolas 8 years ago

WoW ! Great captures!

8 years ago Edited
Jet28 8 years ago

Well caught!

8 years ago Edited
Mikkal Noptek 8 years ago

Looks like a sculpture. Great series. Love the triagular head with bulging eyes

8 years ago Edited

Hey this is good.....I like the last one!

8 years ago Edited
Marsha 8 years ago

Well, I don't blame your aunt....I wouldn't want one to land on me either! I guess it was okay if it flew away after it landed. These are great shots of a very interesting insect, Ricky!

8 years ago Edited
Jormi 8 years ago

it looks really big! hehe great captures ;)

8 years ago Edited
Pickledherring 8 years ago

i've been wanting to take pictures of the Praying mantis but no luck at all. i think they're disappearing or i did not look hard enough.

8 years ago Edited
Jarvo Laysell 8 years ago

Cripes that is one big leafy critter you've got yourslef there Ricky. Top find :-)

8 years ago Edited
Lynn 8 years ago

Very cool capture...I don't see these too often you captured it so well :))

8 years ago Edited
Mitchell 8 years ago

OMG those are my FAVORITE.. they are soo creepy looking.. one time I bought two egg sacks full of them 200 in each egg or something close to that number.. and I left them in my room thinking it still had time to hatch and they all hatched while i was gone and I had them ALLLL over my room and my bed and clothes.. HUNDREDS it was soo gross and I had to pick up each individual one and put them in a plastic cage!

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Finbarr 8 years ago

amazing set !! well done,

8 years ago Edited
Doris 8 years ago

Yes - it looks scary!

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Lys 8 years ago

¡Es increible! ¡Enorme!
Excelente post Ricky

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Soubhagya Sagar Behera 8 years ago


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Boszorka65 8 years ago

Wow! Great set and work. Thanks for sharing:)

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Gonia 8 years ago

very nice looking small animals! very.

8 years ago Edited
Dr. Ali Niazi 8 years ago

good shots #5

8 years ago Edited
Mehdi Saharkhiz 8 years ago

oh wiat i am bug. no i am a plant . ok i give up i dont know what i am :D

8 years ago Edited
Jennye 8 years ago

awesome shots!!.......they do look like aliens!!

8 years ago Edited
Kasia And Michaå‚ 8 years ago

She (it's a female, isn't it) looks so mean you gotta love it! I wouldn't want to touch it however ;)

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Michael Sakowicz 8 years ago

Excellent find, Ricky!

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Dzmitry Samakhvalau 8 years ago


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Walter 8 years ago

Like an alien... :-)

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Brian 8 years ago

I think Mantis are pretty cool. Nice pictures.

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Amir Honarmand 8 years ago

Nice Pics Man ;)

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