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2# 3# - Buquetia musca aka Tachina Fly
4# 5# - From Ichneumonoidea Family Aka ichneumon wasps

Long time ago I’ve seen 3 cocoons ( You can see them here []) and I couldn’t resist in saving them to see which butterfly would hatch from each! I saved them in transparent boxes and I’ve put them near my desktop, so every day I’d know if something happened! Some days ago, I got surprised when one of the little cocoons, had been eaten by a maggot, and I discover that the cocoon(well not exactly the cocoon but the caterpillar) had been infected by a Tachina fly! These flies are very similar to flesh flies, as you can see on the picture. Ok, I got shocked, but I was ok, because I knew I had still 2 more to see! I pic up the tachina fly pupa more the eaten cocoon, to a separate box, so when the tachina fly hatched I’d also photograph it. All was fine till yesterday. The tachina fly hatched, and those are the shots! But in the same day, in the other box, the other little cocoon hatched too! But it was not a butterfly, but a bunch of 10 or more , little ichneumon wasps! One of this wasps (the mother) infected the caterpillar while she was alive, and then when she was on the cocoon, these wasps had eaten alive the poor caterpillar! Now is only left the big cocoon! I just hope it at least is not infected with some parasite! As for now I’ll never know which butterfly was on the little cocoons! :(

I apologize for the quality of these shots. First because they were taken with low light, and especially the little wasps were not more than 3 mm!

The Box before the hatch

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Mikkal Noptek 10 years ago

Very interesting experiment. Love picture #2, the way you frame it, the lighting and the colors

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Balã¡Zs 10 years ago

It's interesting and sad. Poor caterpillars. :(

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Milton Jacob 10 years ago


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Finbarr 10 years ago

interesting Post Ricky !

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Jennye 10 years ago

yes indeed, very interesting!!

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Mitchell 10 years ago

aww how sad..! but what an interesting experiment

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Lynn 10 years ago

I agree very interesting Ricky :))

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Dorothe 10 years ago

Wow, that`s very interesting!

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Gerd Korts 10 years ago

you really should study that the best is if job is equal to the hobby :-)

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Christa 10 years ago

Ricky, o cientista!! :))

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Jack Castelo Branco 10 years ago


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Leocheung 10 years ago


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Marsha 10 years ago

Quite an interesting observation, Ricky....seems like you've learned some things and so have we through your shots and documentation!

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Askrubies Chichiwee 10 years ago

thanks for posting.

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WoW ... I Think You Have a Beautiful Garden !!!

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Huiching 10 years ago

OOhhh... O_o

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Jet28 10 years ago

Very interesting observations :-)

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Sadhya Rippon 10 years ago

Ricky I totally support you in your close observations of nature. Ted is getting his knickers in a twist, but don't worry, I think we all know that you are a true lover of insects and would never make cruel experiments on them.

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Boszorka65 10 years ago

Very good pictures Ricky:)

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Buffy 10 years ago


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Lys 10 years ago

Grrrrr, demasiados bichos juntos Me da yuyu, jajaja

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Ricardo 10 years ago

Nop Ted! I didn't Interfear with Nothing! I saved the cocoons to see what they would hatch! and then i'd let them go!
As I've said, the parasite already infected them when they were caterpillars! so I cant do anything!
The insects that hatched, I didn't kill any of them, i let them go free. I thought they would hatch butterflies and not parasits!

I saved the cocoons, once where they were they would be killed by my parents, since they were in my house, and I'm sure they would do it. Besides that, they would survive, because the places where they were were very comuflated!

My Experiment was to see which butterfly would hatch from that cocoon only! after it hatch i'd let it go!

Tell me Ted what is wrong with this?

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Mehdi Saharkhiz 10 years ago

Also i am fat you have to feed me alot or i will bye

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Mehdi Saharkhiz 10 years ago

now i have a few questions. did u infect them was it you that infected them, D: or are u infected too :(.
i know a big huge butterfly comes out of the last so don't worry
next time you should do an experiment on me i wont doe if you attend and take care of me

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