What in the world happened to Peter (eternity65)? Part. I

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9. Is there any person that you really would like to photograph?

How much room do you have, as it’s quite a long list ☺.
Pfew, can’t think of someone famous right now. Anyway, I won’t even start thinking or dreaming about that, let me try and get my friends to pose first ☺.

10. If you had had the opportunity to take a photo of any historical figure, to whom had you chosen and why?
Hmmm… no idea, nowadays they all seem to look the same…… after being dead so many years.

11. https://www.photoblog.com/eternity65/2009/12/22/in-the-desert.html [photoblog.com]

What don’t you know this creature??? It’s an eternitysaurus, a very unique and special species, very sweet and lovable really.
No, I don’t own him, nobody does.

12. Could you share with us how many times you visit Photoblog per day? And how long you spend?

Before my new job, it was daily routine, all evening and far too late at night. But with the new job, and social activities, I’ve less time… not only for PB but also for picture taking.
And to be honest, all the fake profiles, bitching and arguing that’s been going on here on PB lately really has started to get on my nerves, so I needed to break away a bit… Sorry folks.

13. If a cow laughs real hard, does milk skit out its nose?

Whaaaaat???? OMG… what have you two been smoking ????
Okay, I’ll reply with a question for you… if it laughs real hard, does hot chocolate come out of it’s arse??

14. We know (probably), your family knows you are a Photoblog member, did someone of them ever tell you ‘'WHAT? Are you doing these things again TO PHOTOBLOG?’'?

No, they know I’ve got a profile here and post pictures, but that’s it.

15. Do you have any favorite Photoblog user? When we say about the photoblog user we mean not about the photo quality or if the user is nice or bad, we mean about the creativity of the post, the words he/she uses. If you would like to tell us who…

Damn, there are so many great minds at work here. But obviously there’s Sandra, I’ve known her for quite a while now, and always have admired her work and words, even before PB. Then there’s Adrianna (strangestagain) who keeps coming up with such wonderful works, Jon, who keeps surprising not only me, but I guess everybody with his creative ideas. PPinho and Undone, with their wonderful shots and words, Oscar (Nukee), bedavid, idurodoll…

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Hi everybody and welcome to this weekly “What in the world happened to…?”. This time we have the pleasure to interview our friend Peter [photoblog.com] (eternity 65).
Enjoy the interview and feel free to leave your opinion or suggestions in the commentaries.

1. Well Peter, we all know you love B&W. From where does this passion come? Do you like it since you take photos or even before?

I knew you’d ask me at least one about b/w. ☺
But were does it come from????? No idea really to be honest. But I loved b/w photography long before I started shooting myself. It has something about it, I guess it’s just because to me it has more impact, and we can add so much more emotion to it than colour (more than enough colour stuff around us all the time)… especially when you look for strong emotions, strong images… and as you know I like emotive shots.

2. Do you take the photos directly in B&W or do you use any editing program?

Nooooo, never in b/w straight away, I always take my shots in colour, but most of the time I already know beforehand if I shall, or shall not post process to b/w. So yes, I do use editing programs…

3. Where do you find so many lost feathers? Do you pluck some birds to make the post?

Damn, how did you know about that??? Yes, of course… I go and chase the nearest farmers chickens once a week… it frightens the hell out of them causing feathers to drop out, and if I’m lucky… the odd egg once in a while ☺.
For those who don’t believe this story… I’m willing to make up another if need be ☺.

4. Playing “cheese”, do you choose blacks or whites?

I don’t play with cheese, I just eat it (unless it’s whipped cream, but that’s more fun for… uuuuh oopsie ).
And if you meant chess… then I’m sorry to say…… I don’t play the game.

5. We all are on Photoblog to share our pictures with the world, We are sure you have some funny stories about when you were taking a picture of something. Can you tell us that story?
Pfew, a funny story about when I was taking pictures, damn, need to think hard for this one :-/
First one I can think of, was the time I took the shots for the “I’ve reached the shore” set… there I was on the beach with my wife, setting up the tripod and cam, so she just had to press the button. As I waded into the water, an older man came up with his grandson. The boy asked his granddad what we were up to, and he answered… they are taking pictures, and it looks like it must be for a special magazine or movie, as it all looks very professional… say what professional??? haha.
Oh, and getting in and out of that cupboard was fun also .

6. If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

LOL… You guys are nuts.
Okay, how can I answer this one???… well… firstly I think love isn’t blind, it just makes us lose all our power to think and behave rationally (Aaaaah… doesn’t it feel great, to feel all those butterflies, and being all happy, and dream all day long?), but it sure doesn’t affect my eye sight  On the contrary… I can see lingerie perfectly well (unless the lady is totally dressed), and therefore I can also see why it’s so popular. But I’ll try to make it short… let’s just say it makes a woman look so much more feminine, attractive, sexy. Let’s be honest (yes, all you guys out there) It’s the mystery of what lies beneath that does it, you can see something, but you don’t really see anything, and it just makes a man’s brain go bonkers . It still leaves something to the imagination… that’s what does it. Also the way it’s all made, there’s so many great lingerie companies out there, and oh yes, they sure know how to make wonderful sets that make a women look sooooo very special. Won’t start naming them, or you might start getting strange ideas about me LOL.
And girls, be honest as well, don’t you feel so much better, sexier, and self assured when you are wearing a beautiful lingerie set???? 

7. Portraits are also other of your fortes, have you aver taken classes or do you just follow your instinct?

My Fortes??? Have you not been wearing your glasses when looking at my shots????
Well, must admit, I feel very flattered for you thinking about my portraits like that, thank you!!
Never took any photography classes (although I wanted to, but my job sadly ended that idea, as I can’t get to evening class in time) So yes, I just follow my instinct, but I often get some tips from friends who do, or have taken classes. So I try to combine that knowledge with my instinct. Must thank Sandra very much again for all the interesting tips she past on to me… Thanks Sandra, oh and also Valerie .
Also, I always hope to see some criticism on my shots, as I believe that (constructive) criticism (be it good or bad) does help anybody on the way to make better shots, be it portraits, or any other type of photography, so again… don’t be afraid to give your own ideas, or criticism on my shots, I love it .

8. You have a wonderful collection of portraits, do you use any spell to make people pose for you?

Haha, don’t tell anybody… I do… with the help of my seductive eyes, smile and six pack torso LOL!
Pose for me, are you joking???? It’s nearly killing me to get someone wanting to pose for me besides my wife. Most of the portraits have been candid shots, or they knew I was there with my cam, wanting to take a shot of them, but when or were, that they didn’t know, so I guess these are semi candid shots? I have a lot of female friends here in the village which I would love to take some proper shots of, but most of them daren’t… just because they think they are over weight… you know how women can be when it comes to their weight … Thanks to the “model and fashion world” for making ladies that are not as thin as a split stick to feel unsure about themselves!!! Grrrrrr
Oh there is Veerle, who wanted to pose once or twice, and must thank dear Tonia and her friend Raven for posing .

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Masoud Ahmadpoor 9 years, 11 months ago

Nice portrait!

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Wonderful interview! Thanks for sharing and cOngrAts!

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Love reading it!
One of my favorite PB's!

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Peter has a very good sense of humor. Great interview. :)

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Finbarr 9 years, 11 months ago

Excellent interview !!

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Tim 9 years, 11 months ago

Love it, Peter always makes me want to come back to work in b&w, I just dont get the inspiration lately :)
wonderful interview as usual :)

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Josy 9 years, 11 months ago

Superb !

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Kate 9 years, 11 months ago

Thank you...to Peter for making me laugh so hard I have coffee coming out of my nose.... and to Rand R for these great posts

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Sandra Vermeulen 9 years, 11 months ago

I loved reading this interview!! :-D
"Peter, you are way to funny!!"

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Gerd Korts 9 years, 11 months ago

Thanks folks, now I got some answers on questions I would have asked if we would have met for a beer :-))

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Michael Sakowicz 9 years, 11 months ago

As per always, a very entertaining and interesting read. =)

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Karman 9 years, 11 months ago

Enjoyed this very much, getting to know some of the other bloggers here. The two photos that are here are excellent, I look forward to checking out the rest of them. Very Nice Idea.

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Great post.

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Very cool interview....loved reading it!

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Very interesting! :)

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