What in the world happened to ME? Part II

by Ricardo December. 23, 2010 5177 views

97. Ruth (MrsBox): Imagine you could travel to any place in the world… Which one would you choose, why and to do what?

I’d love to go to Iran, and see Teheran and the mountains. I’d love to go to Amazonia, and to Malaysia wild forests. Australia, Colorado, California, Dubai… OMG, I am dreaming so much.

98. Gregg (MARETKA88): Ok. Actually Ricky is the person that I first made contacts with on PB… He really got me interested in the whole PB family thing… When I first got on here, I thought “this is not for me”… But connected with Ricky for some reason… I sent him some coins from US and he was so appreciative… He just seems to be a totally honest good kid… So Ricky, I don't really have a question for you… But I want to say to you this: Just keep being you RICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK DUDE!!!!!!

WAHWAHWHA!! Yes! I’m really thankful for the coins you’ve sent! They are so cool, and now always I check my coin collection I remember you :) thanks you’re a cool dude as well :)


Thanks me for answering all the questions (LOL), thank you for all the questions!
Has been quite amazing to see all of you asking me interesting and strange questions! I’m really happy and please to read them!
We get this opportunity to RR (Ricky [photoblog.com] and Ruth [photoblog.com]), wish you a merry Christmas [youtube.com] with a lot of fun, and remember to do not eat a lot of sweets or you’ll get fat, caries or you’ll get a stomachache!
Guess who’s our next interviewed? No , not the pope, but someone you know well!
Our next victim is Mrsbox! Can you wait one week for the next interview?
So hold on, because we will try as well! Lol :)

Wait! Wait! Don’t start reading! Please check MrsBox [photoblog.com] For the First part of the interview! Here is the link [photoblog.com]! You’ll not regret about this lecture!

54. Jon (Jarvo): If you see a church with a lightning rod on the roof, does it mean the priest has lost his faith?

No. That means the priest is catching all the lightings coming from God’s camera flashes ;)

55. Peter (eternity65): Were does your love for hover flies come from…is it because you were born on Mars?

They were born in Venus, they are Hoverflies, which means: High Over Valuable Elegant Rich Flying Little Intelligent Energetic Samus! :D
Ask Láci (kozuka) about what is a samu lool, he calls that to them lol

56. Peter (eternity65): If ever a hover fly started speaking to you, how would you react? Or would you just faint?
Well, they always talk to me in my day a day life. Don’t they do the same to you? OMG, am I the crazy one or are you the crazy one? O_O
By the way, you can see the Bombylius had talked to me on this post [photoblog.com]

57. DavidCardona: I am working on a cinema content about peas and princesses based on the Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. What do you think about those kind of testings on these days Ricky as the former teenager you are?

Hmm! It depends from people to people and age to age! In my humble opinion, there are actually teens that love these things, while there are others that don’t even care about it. Though i guess younger people (from 8 – 13) will be interested in that ;)

58. Feby (365DandFeby): Where do you get the ideas for your profile pictures? They are always SOOO cool.

Actually I make them like “Good morning world, I’ve just woke up…OMG, I have an idea!” and then I do it :)

59. Ruth (MrsBox): Why your profile photo is you as a zombie?

I’ve always had fascinations about zombies. And ever since I saw the movie, Otto; or up with dead people, my part of zombie love, made me BUMB, and now always I’ve the opportunity I do those shots… but all is photoshop mostly. But believe me, some day I’ll make a real zombie session. I’ve who has zombie contact lens haha ;)

60. Tere (TIM927): Ricky, you have been photographing bugs with your mobile camera phone for long time. It's well known that it has not much merit because it is easy to hide a phone so bugs relax and fly all around you without fear to be captured by a lens. But now you have a serious camera, heavy, big, noisy… Will you still be able to get any bug or will you just give up and tell us a tale about you being bored of so many bugs photos lol???

I’ve been actually trying to photographing bugs, and you’re right, now they fly away. I was starting to creating a tale, when a friend told me to spray my lens with a nice smell which will make the bugs get kinda dizzy and allow me to photograph them! ;)

61. Maggie (Gonia): Where do you find (I mean in which place of your garden or forest) so many beautiful flowers, insects and so on?

Thank that to my grandmother. She seeds all those beautiful flowers, which attracts beautiful insects. I only go to a forest to get some other species that usually are not found in my garden :)

62. Dave (stabeez): How did you become interested in macro insect photography?

Since I saw the little flower option in a camera, I clicked read about what it was and photographed a bug. Ever since, I could not stop!

63. Dave (stabeez): Did you watch old Godzilla movies or was it some other horror film?

Actually I don’t remember lol. By the way, why the hell Godzilla is named Godzilla!? It makes no sence.

64. Leah (Chossid): Where did you acquire such broad knowledge of insects and such?

I learned their names by reading some books when I was 7 years old. I’ve always loved animals and plants. So I remember their names, I don’t know explain why, but the names stand in my mind. Then, I just need to put it on Google and get their scientific names :)

65. Ruth (MrsBox): I’m still waiting for your francesinha recipe… Is this some kind of torture?

Yes it is, I want you to die to get the recipe! ;) Now seriously, I’ll make it someday I’m just waiting hehe…

66. Val (ValMacedo): How to you get to know every bug in the world? Do you have a top bug secret agent working for you?

Oh hell. I knew someday someone would ask me this. I’ve a spy which is always travelling and capturing always all the wildlife that exists in this world, and he has a lot of books, so I just need to call him and he tells me the name of them :)))

67. Ruth (MrsBox): You love hedgehogs, would you like to pet one?

How much I wished!!! Actually it is illegal to raise the wild ones :( or I’d have one already lol. But I don’t find those white African hedgehogs for petting over here :(

68. Dieromantic: What's In the style of…?

Oh it was a game that died with vacations. We have something more sophisticated now. Like these interviews with makes the community closer! ;)

69. Dieromantic: Bug stravaganzas were pleasant nice, will you make it 2010 too?

I’m not sure of it. Maybe yes, maybe not… who knows? Haven’t thought about that.

70. ArtBee: How much time do you spend on Photoblog?

Uuuh… that depends on which day, and how was my day… but I spend a lot of time… most of the time I check, and I don’t do an immediate comment. But I spend at least 2 hours to 3 per day :) of course not direct… hehe

71. Maria (livelovelaugh): If you joined the circus, what act would you most want to perform?

I’ve been always wondering about magic, seeing them cutting people in many parts, making money appear from nothing, making appear rabbits from the hat… that would be useful, just imagine, anytime you need money, bang, you’d have it, every time you were tired of that babbling person, band, it is gone…and any time you wanted a roast rabbit, bang, you make appear a rabbit (evil joke)

72. Val (ValMacedo): It looks like you are addicted to PB, you are always logged in, and have a radar, you know everything is going on here. Do you see yourself with this condition, PB addiction? Are you a member of other photosharing sites? Would mind sharing? Which one you like best and would recommend?

To be honest, I’ve tried aminus.com and Flirk, and Redbubble, but so far, Photoblog is the best to me. You won’t find a kind and interesting community like this else where!

73. Ruth (MrsBox): If you could change/add anything in PB, what would it be?

The block system and the track IP system… would be the best change ever.
And… stalkers… blaaa :/ and the pictures should be larger! Lol
74. Ruth (MrsBox): How the hell do you find so many caterpillars? Do you have a caterpillar-radar? Could you teach me, please?

To be honest, you gotta have an eye for it. One thing I can say, is that I’VE a good eye. I can see even a damn smaaaaaaal bug anywhere. So this happens with caterpillars. I go chasing mushrooms and I always end up catching one lol, and they make cocoons :) :)

75. ArtBee: Are you in a serious romantic relationship with anyone?

Well, to me a real serious relationship is being married, so no I’m not :)))
76. Marjorie (McMommy): Is there some other passion that we haven't yet heard about?

Yeap! I love Nude Artistic, collecting things, visiting places, annoying people…:):):) killing people….lol
77. Ruth (MrsBox): Who is your favourite photoblogger?

Well well well. To be honest, I’ve top favourite photobloggers, but lets be realists, I love all my friendlist, each one of them has a potential, and a different kind of photography. Which I always love to see! And I love to receive new friends (even if this is hard, because I’m getting too many and less time to check them all), and see new people, new photos, new ideas… I LOVE PHOTOBLOG FOR THIS!

78. Kate (Cariad): We all know you are a PB addict, but as the average 18 year old has many other pursuits do your peers know of your addiction and do they follow your blog?

They know I am addicted to photography (it is not normal to the world see someone photographing a rock or a street), but nah, I don’t share my blog with them… some close friends know about it though :)
79. Christa (Unchained): How can you keep studying and be so dilligent in you blog at the same time?

I usually check and use the blog in late times… so I might end up being on Photoblog till 2 am, because I cannot sleep before midnight… don’t ask me why! lol
80. Riyaz: If you were made the Prime Minister, what is the biggest change you would implement in your country, during these hard times of recession?

Can you believe I don’t understand anything of politics? Well but I’d make the minimum salary to be higher hehe.
81. Ruth (MrsBox): Your family knows you are a PhotoBlog member, did someone of them ever tell you ‘'WHAT? Are you doing these things again TO PHOTOBLOG?’' ?

My family doesn’t know about Photoblog, but my friends do. But believe me, my parents think I’ll be a photographer because they are always seeing thunders (flash) in the night, strange sounds (the snap from the camera), and all this stuff. They also say “did we pay this to you go to the backyard taking pictures of bugs?” loool. I know I know it is ridiculous, but when I work on National Geographic they will understand! Lool

82. Val (ValMacedo): Ricky, everyone is so impressed for your maturity, to what or whom would you attribute this quality of yours? Did you have a childhood?

I have been raised between adults since I was a child. I’m the older boy from my family. My brother and cousins are all very young, so I had never none to play with. I used to go back home from school study and watch tv. Actually I’ve no friends in my village haha I’m very anti-social. But I’ve a lot of friends in the city hehe! As matter the fact, growing up with adults maybe it taught me some things about life. I must confess, I love to be with adults and I love to listen to them.
83. Ruth (MrsBox): During this year you’ve passed through a lot of changes in your life… Which ones are the most important?

The most important changing was learn how is hard to fail one year. Being one year all almost only by yourself. It is very hard and we must pay for our mistakes and errors.
84. Ruth (MrsBox): You’ve also taken some important decisions… Do you have any regrets?

I usually never regret my decisions. Only if they end up bad to me. But as usually, I only take them when I know they are the best to me hehe.
85. Ruth (MrsBox): Now that you are 18 and you have proved that you are very responsible, will your parents allow you to visit me in Spain? (lol)

Well, probably yes! Probably not! They are very ‘’changy’’ lol , they change their opinions too fast. So I might wait to have my own car, and my own job, and then I’ll visit you haha.

86. Ruth (MrsBox): Now that you are 18 will you go to the registry office and change your name Paulo for another one? Which one?

I’ve always hated my first name Paulo. I’ve always wanted to change it. But you know what? I’d not feel myself if I change it… :(

87. Marie (Eiram): If you had one wish, what would you ask for?

I’d ask to be very healthy, no matter what! I think that’s what we all wanted. :)

88. Ruth (MrsBox): You are getting your driving licence, which car would you like to have? (You can choose anyone)

I’d love to have a recent model of Seat, or BMW hehe ;))) I am not a fan of cars, but I like good models lool

89. Ruth (MrsBox): Do you have any secret to confess?

Yes. I’ve killed 4 people and I’m a schizophrenic zombie. But no one believes me.

90. Ruth (MrsBox): It is said that to live a full life you have to do three things: to plant a tree, to write a book and to have a baby. What do you think? Do you have your own three things?

I’ve planted a tree, I’ve written a book (imitating Harry Potter and nosence of course… I don’t know where the hell I’ve dumped it), and I can’t have babie… I’m a man. Maybe later on men will birth babies… lol

91. Ruth (MrsBox): Do you have other hobbies, aside photography?

Yes, spending time on Photoblog is my best hobby lool. No, actually I don’t have many hobbies :( I’ll be fat soon, I’m always with my lap on the chair… lol

92. Ruth (MrsBox): Imagine you win Euromilhões… What would you do first?

First I’ll buy a normal house, second a car, and then travel a lot, and then get a job, and save the rest of the money for when I need :)
This is what I say now, of course if I win, I’ll end up in the luxury. Lool

93. Ruth (MrsBox): Do you have any “idol”, someone you really admire?

Yes! Mehdi Saharkhiz… this guy is crazy… believe me. You never understand how he can live like this. You all should learn what he teaches. So I’m damn lucky to be his friend :)

94. ArtBee: Have you ever thought about moving to another country?

Yes yes yes yes! Many times, to US mostly… Because I’ve always had this dream to live in that country, in New York city… but you know, I think I still belong here… I love to live in the peninsula :)

95. Raymond (rdg23): If you could photograph any place in the world, past or present, where would it be?

In past, I’d love to photograph the pre-historic scene.
In present, I’d love to go to some place and photograph an aurora borealis. Or Death Valley. :)

96. Riyaz: I have seen you mention the place Fatima, somewhere in your posts - Can you elaborate as to what is the significance of this place? How easy is it to get to, and what is the nearest airport?

Fatima is a holy place where many peregrines come every year asking wishes and complete promises that asked to Our Lady of the Rosario. In the place you’ll get a lot of information about the place. The nearest airport is Lisbon, due it is closer to Lisbon than Porto :)

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Good job! I liked to read it!

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I think you will do well in anything you do Ricky! This has been such an interesting and entertaining interview . I will rewrite one question for you.......Are you in any romantic relationship?

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I had a blast reading all this, it was hilarious !
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Really entertaining and interesting facts about yourself.
You are very cool !

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hmm i am the idol, :D i cant sing who is the judge. i am going to loose please vote for me. aside all the kidding i am so grateful. you are the best :D

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So many questions ... WOW

Neat interview!!! ;-)

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Stunning capture!!!

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Fantastic. Ricky, here's another question, have you seen 28 days later?

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Ricky...greatest photoblogger evarrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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Very interesting, I adore your photos of insects. I aspire to take ones that great.

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This was so much fun to read, especially because the questions came from us. Great to get to know you Ricky. :)

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Very Fun

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Great interview !!

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Well...I probably know more about ricky than I ever thought I needed to know - great fun!!!

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