What in the world happened to Ruth (MrsBox)? Part.I

by Ricardo December. 30, 2010 6794 views

To Continue the craziness please check the second part of What in the world happened to Ruth (MrsBox)? Part.II [photoblog.com]

Last week and this one, we have the pleasure to be the victims of our own torture.
Thanks a lot to all the people that have sent me questions for Ruth, your help has been great!
If you’ve not read My interview yet, please consider reading it here [photoblog.com]

Now its Ruth Turn, please Note this will be a really wonderful interview and worth reading. If you liked My interview, then this one will be even more enjoyable!
Let’s start:

1. So Ruth, now it is your turn to taste the revenge of people and of course some questions from my part (Ricky), what are you feeling now? Afraid because after you replying all these you’ll be blocked by everyone? (Oh sorry, you’ve already been blocked by some lol)

Hehehehehe… Actually I’m very shy, so I’m not sure if I will be able to answer all the questions. And I don’t know if I am still blocked for anyone, all that is solved.

2. How did you find Photoblog in first place?

It was accidentally… I used to have a blog at myspace (the early myspace), but after my firsts trips to Morocco, I wanted some place where I could share my photos. I find PB accidentally and the truth is that I didn’t really know how to use it well… lol!

3. You went to Senegal, on your LATE LATE POSTS, you show it ( Tambacunda [photoblog.com]), you’re a very lovely person, what did you feel about these guys?

That was one of the best days of my life. It was the first time that the Rally Paris-Dakar crossed that zone in Senegal, so they’ve probably never seen a white girl before. All the girls of the tribe, with those wonderful glass beads in their hair, surrounded me and touched my skin and my hair (the boys didn’t come… it’s forbidden). They didn’t speak Spanish, or English or French… so we communicated by signs. We played together all the morning, we thought them how to do a wave a how to brighten up the pilots… And they thought me how to be happy with nothing. I will never forget the look in their eyes, how much happiness… Totally amazing.

4. Do you actually have gay buses just for gay people? ( Day 1 Madrid Uppsala [photoblog.com] pic 2#)

LOL! Not me but the Arlanda Swedish airport!! They are very kind, aren’t they?

5. We all know (or should know, or are knowing now) you were before known nunuinpictures, tell us about that name.

It’s a stupid story. I used to play Sims, and when my doll went to sleep, she said “nu-nu” instead of “good night”… So I started to say nu-nu instead of goodbye and friends called me “Nunu”.

6. You were nunu IN pictures, but where are the pictures about you actually?

Lol! I told you… I’m very shy!!

7. You’ve beautiful dogs, do you have afraid someday someone will steal them?

OMG! I hope no one do that. I remember when Lucas was a puppy and disappeared from my side a big park. I was about to have a heart attack, I looked for him everywhere… but he was playing with a beautiful boxer called Cara!

8. Where did the passion about the macro world begin?

I have no idea… I just like critters, I’ve never been afraid of spiders, caterpillars or any other creature (except ants, I hate ants). And as I am a very curious (and a little obsessive) person, I wanted to photograph them.

9. Ricky and Leah (Chossid): Where did you get the knowledge for the IDs?

In freakland ! I mean, in the Internet.
And in some books I have.

10. Why butterflies are one of your favorite subjects? Because you dressed as butterfly in carnival when you were a child?

No! It is because I was born from a cocoon.

11. What’s the butterfly you loved to take the picture the most? And why?

Oh… I would like to go to the Amazon and photograph all the wonderful species that live there, some of them are not catalogued yet.

12. Which butterfly do you want to take a picture of and you couldn’t yet? (Ricky knows this but lets pretend he doesn’t)

Without any doubt it’s a moth: Actias Isabellae - Spanish Moon Moth. This is probably the most endangered species in Europe. I’ve already photographed the caterpillar… but it’s really hard to find the moth.

13. You’ve posted many recipes over your blog, will you actually open a restaurant?

Well… that’s my secret dream. I always say that if my husband is ever been posted to another country, I will open a restaurant called “La Española”.

14. Lets pretend you open the restaurant, who will you invite?

Of course, all my friends are invited, Jon will enjoy my Spanish beer and Peter won’t resist the excellent Spanish wines! Paella and jamón ibérico for everybody!
Of course, the management reserves the right to refuse admission, LOL!

15. Why is the sentence ‘’cambia el mundo antes de que el mundo te cambie a ti ‘’ (Translated: Change the world, before the world changes you), one of your references quote?

Because I firmly believe that we all have the power of choose our destiny, we have the power to change things… When you are a child you think, no, you are sure you can do great things. Our worst enemy is the absence of faith.

16. You do small toys, why do you do it? And how do you do it?

I love to do things with my hands (don’t jump to conclusions). Since I was a child, I like to create all kind of stuff. I do toys with plush, fimo clay, natural elements like acorns or little stones… How? Just with a little of imagination

17. Marie (Eiram), Beth (beth0110) and Stéfan (Revenant): How did you choose your PB name? Is it your real name or an alias?

There is no secret. My husband surname is Caja = Box. So I am Mrs. Box!

18. Marie (Eiram): If you could change one thing about yourself, what would that be?

Mmmm… Only one thing? I would like to be less empathic and I would also like to distinguish wolfs in sheep's clothing, I always trust too much in people. I’m also a bit stubborn, I have to change that.

19. Marie (Eiram): What is your comfort food?

Coca Zero, LOL! I’m addicted.

20. Jon (Jarvo): What will be your latest subject, now that the dragonfly season is over?

Birds, of course! Winter is the best season for photographing birds (because there are less leafs in the trees).

21. Jon (Jarvo): Do butterflies remember life as a caterpillar?

I don’t think so… I think they live that as so kind of reincarnation. :)

22. Jon (Jarvo)& Contesina: Why did you change your name from Nuninpictures to MrsBox?

Because Nunu was the old me. I broke with the life and with the people from my past… It was time to leave all that behind. I would have like to change my name in PB much more before I did, but I didn’t know I could do it since one of my friends did it.

23. Jon (Jarvo) : At home are you called Señora Caja?

Hehehehehe… No, my husband calls me “Peque” or “Pequeña”, that means “Little”.

24. Jon (Jarvo): What does your husband make of this photography lark?

Oh… he just accumulates pictures! Hundreds and hundreds… Have you heard about Photography Diogenes Syndrome?

25. Jon (Jarvo): When is the wildlife book going to be published?

Mmmm… I cannot publish any book of bugs without photograph first the Spanish Moon Moth. Once I have a good photo of that butterfly, I’ll make a book.

26. Jon (Jarvo): Out of you and Ricky, who is the devil and who is the angel?

I am the angel, of course. He’s like Maquiavelo! LOL!

27. Artbee: You have been here on Photoblog a long time. What changes have you seen over the years the good and the not-so-good?

Oh dear… I have to say that I really have a very bad memory… In fact, I usually notice a changes after three or four weeks! When the hell have been the forums added?

28. Artbee: I know you are an artist as well as a photographer. How much influence does your artistic side go into your photography?

You make me blush… ^_^
Artist is a big word. I see it more like if I was immortalizing the wonderful creations of Nature. Every creature, every landscape, every moment is like a little poem that only last an instant. I try to capture that.

29. Artbee: If you were asked to choose one subject to photograph. What would be your choice?

You won’t believe it: a whale. All that harmony, elegance, grace and spirituality in such an amazing creature…

30. Yellodog: Is there any particular insect you particularly identify with?

All the insects are beautiful creatures of Mother Nature. And if I have to choose one, then dragonflies are my choice.

31. Enric (ASINUS): If your husband propose you to make naked pictures, really naked, but not as ‘’nude artistic’’, what would you say?
31.1 If you said no, why didn’t you say yes?
Because I am VERY SHY!!
31.2 If you said yes, can we see them?
31.3 Why can’t we see them?
OMG!! Are you crazy or what?? XD

32. Raymond (rdg23): If you could have one animal appendage, what would it be (i.e. a tail, dolphin blowhole, shark fin, etc)?

I would like to have four wings, as a dragonfly… So I could fly in all directions and even stay floating! But now that I think about it, it would be really hard to wear a t-shirt and I would have to make top less all the time… I wonder what ASINUS thinks about this…

33. Raymond (rdg23): If there were a song that would play every time you walked into a club, what would it be?

Life in Technicolor - Coldplay

34. Raymond (rgd23): What actress would play you in your TV movie about your life?

Heheheheh… Chyler Leigh (Lexie in Grey’s Anatomy).

35. Felicia (365DandFeby): Is there another word for synonym?

Of course: Same-nym!

36. Felicia (365DandFeby): What are your favorite things to photograph?

I like bugs, it’s obvious, but I really like landscapes too… My husband is my coach for this.

37. Felicia (365DandFeby): Do you have other hobbies besides photography? What are they?

Sure! I love trekking, climbing and calmly walk with my dog. And I also like writing, reading, go to live concerts and theatre, and I am addicted to my iPod touch.

38. Felicia (365DandFeby): What led you and Ricky to come to interview Photoblog members?

We are always dealing with something… We have made Prank&Joke, Monday Flower, birthday cards, coordinated bugs… One night we were talking and we realized that we need a game again. We remembered a nice questionnaire that Tedbarlow made with Marsha and we made a mix with our Prank&Joke… This is the reason why our interviews are a madness!

39. Felicia (365DandFeby): If you could only photograph one subject (live or inanimate) for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That would be so sad… but I think it would be dragonflies again, I never get tired of them.

40. Tere (TIM927): Ruth, your nick is a bit special "Mrs Box”, once we think about it I think I finally understand why you are a person full of wise resources and always with a butterfly near. Do you have all that things inside your box?? It is like Pandora’s one or does it have a difference? Could you publicly open that box without blushing????

LOL! My box is just over my shoulders, and if I don’t put some things out from time to time it start aching. The difference with Pandora’s box is that I don’t have evil things inside (well, not very evil things). But I cannot publicly open it, or all my butterflies would fly away… so don’t ask me to do it!

41. Marsha (lookagain): Tell us about your religious or spiritual beliefs and whether or not they have any effect on your photography.

I don’t want anybody to take offense of my answer and I want to make clear that I totally respect everyone’s beliefs.
I believe there is a Superior Power, the Universal Power. This is not a God or a Goddess. It’s more like the Creative Energy that is inside and around everything.
I believe in Mother Nature, in the live Spirit of the Earth, Gaia. I believe in the Inner Power that everyone has, because we are part of a whole made with this power, we are connected to it, we are part of it. We are this same Energy.
So my beliefs absolutely influence my photography. When I take a picture of a butterfly, I think I am a butterfly, I feel like a butterfly, I vibrate like a butterfly… they don’t need to hide from me.

42. Maria (livelovelaugh): If you could use only one word to describe yourself, what would it be?

Happiness. I am a happy person. ^_^

43. Maria (livelovelaugh): If you could have one superpower, which would you choose?

Have you seen Heroes? I want Hiro Nakamura’s power: space-time manipulation + teleport.

44. Sandra (Ryana): Suppose you live in the far west and must make a duel (not at life or death) with someone you have had bad experiences or feelings (may also be a public figure such a Politician…). With who would be?

Anthony Hamilton (Lewis Hamilton –F1 pilot– father)
44.1 Why?
Because he tried to make his song win the races out of the circuit. Lewis is a great pilot, the attitude of his father only damaged and stressed him. Thankfully he realized that.
44.2 And what duel? (guns, swords, knives, cameras, psychological games…)
I don’t need any kind of weapon, I have Jedi powers. ^_^

45. Ray (RayNvb): You seem to know a lot about the birds and the bees. Did your parents teach you or did you learn about it in the school locker room?

Hehehehehe… Naaaahhh, I’m a curious person. That’s all.

46. Ray (RayNvb): How did you gain your knowledge of the bug world?

Internet is a wooooooonderful world.

47. Ray (RayNvb): Are you a teacher in the school system?

I was, during a short time. I’ve studied philology (totally opposite to bugs!), so I gave classes in my preparatory course. I didn’t like the Education system here, they didn’t accepted new ideas or new methods… So I decided not to spend my life fighting against a giant.

48. Ray (RayNvb): You have posted some incredible photos of some interesting insects. Do you have a favourite?

It’s hard to choose a favourite insect… I really like Libelloides ictericus and Empusa pennata.

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