What in the world happened to Nancy (CheemaChanga)? Part.I

by Ricardo January. 13, 2011 4305 views

5. We heard somewhere you’ll meet Sandra, is it true? What do you expect? Did you meet Sandra here or have you known her from somewhere else?

Well now this is a long story, but I’ll make it short. Sandra and I met at a Dolly Parton Impersonator’s Convention in the Tenneessee Smokey Mountains. Then, ironically, we realized we were both on Pb.
Nobody can sing “Jolene” like Sandra! She can sing all 5- part harmonies at one time! And nobody can sing “Islands In The Stream,” like me! But,“ Islands In The Stream” is a duet, so I didn’t have a duet partner, and I asked Sandra if she would sing that song as my duet partner. The only issue we had was when we got all tangled up in our boobs and platinum blond wigs. Neither one of us could see our feet to walk so we kept tripping.
Well, now Sandra and I will be singing in May 2011 for the Brussels’s International Tone Deaf Karaoke Competition. We are singing the classic tune by Elton John & KiKi Dee, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” [youtube.com] Sandra is KiKi and I’ll be Elton. Millions in prize money is at stake….so wish us lots of luck!

6. Have you ever seen through your lens something that you should not have seen while taking shots?

Well my next door neighbor has a routine every night before he showers, and I can see it really good through my zoom lens or my night vision binoculars. And I can tell you that at exactly 6:36 p.m. every night after he has combed his hair like Elvis, then he……Well, actually that’s probably all I should say :)

7. We know (probably), your family knows you are a photoblog member, did someone of them ever tell you ‘'WHAT? Are you doing these things again TO PHOTOBLOG?’' ?

Yes, um, I think my family has known I’m a bit crazy for a while now…They are encouraging me to get some professional therapy or increase the dosage of my medication :)
8. Could you share with us how many times you visit photoblog per day? And how long you spend?

As often as possible! I wish I was on Pb everyday, and for long stretches of time. My Pb time is to post a quick photo, and if I’ve had a good week with a lot of time on Pb to visit friends’ posts, and comment to them, then I post a photo and leave comments turned on. If my times has been sketchy and I have not had a chance to visit other’s posts and leave comments, then if I post a photo, it’s just a quick post, and I turn off comments. My computer at work is pretty fast, so when I can, I am checking Pb from work.(oops! don’t tell :) )
For me, my inspiration comes from 2 sources. Being outside on adventures in nature or with animals, and the second source of inspiration is with the artists and photographers her at Pb.

9. In some of your post you close comments… Why? Some of us would like to comment in all your beautiful photos.

It’s all about getting the chance to see other photographers’ photos & art. I don’t feel very good about myself if I receive such generous comments, and I do not have the time to return the time to see their photos and leave a comment to them, or even say thank you. So when I have a good chunk of time to spend and really soak in all the great art here, and leave comments, then I feel okay about accepting other’s kindness.

10. You're one of the few photoblog members that post few (with open comments), and visit more people a lot. is that because you enjoy photography more from others or what? :) we are curious about that!

Oh, I just love getting to see other’s Pb posts! I do love it, and as I mentioned my inspiration is from 2 sources. Outdoors and nature of all kinds, and the photographers and artists here at Pb.

The interview isn’t over, and you’re just about to find more secrets and more about nancy and cheemachanga, please read the Second part [photoblog.com];)

This week we have the pleasure to have an interview with Nancy (CheemaChanga), which previously had another username, but for her own matters changed to cheemachange. Today you’ll find what cheemachanga is and how this photoblogger is. Are you ready to know everything? Then start reading the interview! ;) don’t forget, suggestions and comments are always appreciated! :)

1. Nancy, First of all where did you learn to take those super Professional shots you make? Are you self taught or did you have a course?

I’m self-taught. I began photography in 2008.

2. Where did your horse passion come from?

When I was a child, I had an entire herd of stick horses. Eventually they all ran off into the wild, as I reluctantly became a teenager. I didn’t have my first horse until 4 years ago. And then it was a view years later that I picked up a camera and began to casually photograph them.

3. Do you live in the paradise? Because your pictures say so.

Haha! If I could live outdoors I would. I’m always in pursuit of paradise…and many times I create paradise in my own little, bity mind.

4. Mountaineering is one of your main hobbies?or do you have more?

I think being outside and animals are my biggest hobbies.
I enjoy harmless fun and mischief, and I do like to dress up in random costumes. Sometimes I go to the nearest Walmart, crack the code of their intercom system and make random announcements.
I am a pretty good baton twirler and can hurl a flaming baton 53 feet in the air and almost catch it.

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Nicely Done.

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Great interview Ricky! Thanks for sharing with us Nancy!

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Great report
Thanks for sharing :))

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Pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

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wonderful...going to part 2

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LOL! fun interview!!

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@ Nancy: You rock!!!!!

Thanks for sharing my sweet friend her interview with us.

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I really enyoi with your work. I Loved it. Thanks a lot

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Fun to read about Nancy! She's such an amazing photographer!

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So glad to get to know Nancy. This is fantastic. Great work guys. :)

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Oscar 9 years, 9 months ago

Thank you R&R for another informative and humorous interview. Thanks Nancy, your answers were hilarious and very entertaining. Please keep this series going!! :)

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Brenda Nelson 9 years, 9 months ago

R&R, I love these interviews - I LOVE Nancy's photos, especially the ones included - AND I love her sense of humor which you captured here! (And "Jolene" is one of my favorite songs - maybe we could do a trio, like DollyP, LindaR and Emmy LouH? I get to be Dolly!).

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very good set

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Yet another interesting interview, with some interesting questions.

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Hahahahahahahahaha.....that is all. Nancy, you rock ;))

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Excellent interview !

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Great interview, always a pleasure to read.

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Another great interview, and I love that first photo!

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Great interview as always, Ricky. Cheers to Nancy too!

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Off t Part 2.....see you there

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