What in the world happened to Jacki (DancingDolphin)? Part. I

by Ricardo January. 20, 2011 3172 views

You can view the second part of the interview at MrsBox’s PB by clicking here:
What in the world happened to Jacki (DancingDolphing)? Part. II [photoblog.com]

This week we have the pleasure to share with you our interview with Jacki.
Please, enjoy her answers and leave your comments and suggestions below!

1. Jackie, why the name Dancingdolphin? Was because you saw a dolphin dancing and then you became one?
Almost! Once I was walking the beach, (alone, so you have to take my word on this) and a HUGE bottlenose dolphin shot straight up out of the ocean about 50 yards off shore, surfed the wave in standing upright on his tail, SMACKED down on to the water about 15 feet from me, swam back out to the ocean and did the same thing all over again! Just for me! No one else around, no other dolphins. Since I also love to “dance”… Voila… DancingDolphin!

2. Why not DancingKillingWhale or DancingShark or DancingSeahorse?
I seriously thought once about changing to FlyingKillerWhale… such stunning creatures… probably more stunning than I deserve, so I remain a simple dolphin.

3. Why are you so fascinated about beaches?
I think it goes along with being a dolphin. There are many nice places to visit… but I wouldn't be able to survive without big water for long.

4. We know (probably), your family knows you are a Photoblog member, did someone of them ever tell you ‘'WHAT? Are you doing these things again TO PHOTOBLOG?’'?
My kids were on PB first! Zach was doing a 365… but he got mugged and the guy stole his computer and camera so that got messed up. Lex is an artist and I think she got frustrated with bad equipment … but she just bought a new camera so if everyone went to her site and said “come back to PB” she might start back up! JR buys me more and more equipment so I guess he doesn't mind!

5. What’s your favourite kind of pictures?
I'm kind of a ‘flavour of the month’ sort of person. I'm easily bored, so I don't really have a ‘favourite kind’ of picture. That sometimes makes me feel inferior to those of you who specialize in something. So usually I tell myself I just haven't found my niche yet. I do have a ‘least favourite’ kind of photo… flowers… nothing against the flowers themselves, I just don't like photos of them.

6. How many long walks do you have with your family? Your month posts are always full of set with walks.
I like to be outside but I suspect the trend is because I don't find much INSIDE to take photos of. Although there is one thing I photograph inside that is sort of news worthy. Before recently moving, I took photos for a local realtor of houses that were for sale. I call it “play for pay”! I love seeing other people’s houses and it's very gratifying to have them think I've made their house look good in photos.

7. Are there any lakes in the Lake District?
(Insert eye roll here)

8. Would you like to live in an island?
No… I hear there is something called “island fever” where you get very antsy to get further away than the island allows, and I'm quite sure I'd have it in a very short time!

9. Now that you’ve an iPhone, will you make many iPictures?
You haven't noticed that I immediately became totally ADDICTED to Hipstamatic? Guess you haven't been following my blog very carefully, tsk, tsk!

10. How many hours do you train your cat for making nice sets? (an example: http://www.photoblog.com/dancingdolphin/2010/07/06/i-cant-believe-my-eyes.html) [photoblog.com]
Ha ha! You like that one? The secret is you have the camera ready, grab the little guy by the back of the neck and stuff his face in to the stair railings FAST… then you have about 3 seconds while he is in total shock to shoot the photo!

11. BW or colour? Why?
B/W. I think it takes WAY more talent to shoot a good b/w photo than a color one. Colour compensates for a lot of missing things. B/W takes a really well composed photo, with good contrast, range and sharpness to come off successfully… In my humble opinion.

12. You’ve many portraits with interesting friends like (https://www.photoblog.com/dancingdolphin/2010/04/09/dolphin-monkeying-around.html [photoblog.com] ), where did you meet these people? On facebook? Lol
You laugh at my friends? Or you think I don't know about facebook because I'm an old lady?! I have news for you, young whippersnapper, I know all about facebook! It's that site where people tell you way more than you EVER want to know on a daily basis until you finally HIDE their news feed and one day you find that there is no one left whose posts you want to see!

13. You’ve made some photobooks, have you ever considered make some and sell them?
I'm thinking of leaving my photos to my kids for their inheritance. :-)

14. How long have you been in photography?
Let's just say since before the two of you were born. You know how they always say “if your house caught fire what would you grab” and everyone always says, “my photos”? When we sold our house last month, they packed up an entire closet full of photo albums. I'd die of smoke inhalation before I could get all my photos out!

15. If a Dolphin laugh to you, will you think he is making fun of you?
No, I would think he's trying to get me to leave my most attractive human husband and swim out to sea with him… but it wouldn't work!

16. Should a person with a beard wash it with soap or use shampoo?
Oh, I know the answer to this one… shaving cream!

17. Do you have any favourite Photoblog user? When we say about the Photoblog user we mean not about the photo quality or if the user is nice or bad, we mean about the creativity of the post, the words he/she uses. If you would like to tell us who…
So many great people for so many different reasons! I will go with who I have learned the most from: Kerfendal (who sadly has mostly moved on to another site with a larger format). My recent ‘rain’ shots should have been titled “wishful thinking/ in the style of Kerfendal”. For me he makes the ultimate in b/w photos… "big' pictures full of lots of things going on, wonderful light and reflections, outstanding focus and depth… an artist.

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Neil Rosenberger 9 years, 2 months ago

Great read !! Thanks !! Off to Part 2 !! cd

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Really enjoyed the interview fabulous - off to part 2

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Brenda Nelson 9 years, 2 months ago

Love this interview with one of my favorite ladies on PB. Her work is always very natural and artistic.

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Nagy László 9 years, 2 months ago

Great job!

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mais uma vez excelente trabalho

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very nice post

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Wonderful to learn more about Jacky!! ;-)

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Andrã©S 9 years, 2 months ago

Thanks a lot Ricky for sharing the interiew, the history, and the pictures¡¡¡¡

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Jacki 9 years, 2 months ago

Thanks for the 'opportunity' Ricky... stop by my post for a proper thanks. :-)

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Claire 9 years, 2 months ago

it s a fantastic set !

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REally enjoyed it!

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Another great one!

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Great job!

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Michael Sakowicz 9 years, 2 months ago

Fantastic. Keep 'em coming.

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Sadhya Rippon 9 years, 2 months ago

I really enjoyed this interview. Thanks to Jacki and to Ruth and Ricky.

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Finbarr 9 years, 2 months ago

Nice work Ricky !!

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Awesome once again.

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Tom 9 years, 2 months ago

Wow thats interesting thanks for sharing I have learned alot about the Dancindolphin :) I always wondered how bloggers picked their nicks

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