What in the world happened to David Cardona? Part. II

by Ricardo February. 03, 2011 5103 views

21. Would you do nude artistic? If yes, would you play the model or the photographer? Why?
Yes, I would and I did it as the model but I only play the role of photographer nowadays because it’s important for visual artists to choose their place at back or in front of the camera I think.

22. Lets pretend you say yes on the question above… As you are non flash or edit person, does that mean you'd really have to play with the lights of the studio to make a good nude artistic to do not seem just a naked picture? ;)
Mi clock is the sun and I always do work in locations where sun can be invited but studio lighting is very important too. I use to work with three lights for manage the photography work like a cinema production of a take.

23. You've 43,922 comments given till date. Can we consider you a Photoblog addict or Photoblog lover?
I ♥ Photoblog! Thanks a lot. U r thE bEst! :D

24. Who would you like to see interviewed next?
I let you that choice, Ruth and Ricky, because of I am only a very happy guest of yours.


We want to thank David Cardona for his beautiful and deep answers, his sense of humor and for allowing us to post some of his photos.

We also want to thank you all for keep supporting the interviews and also for your kind comments and suggestions. If you want any of your friends to be interviewed, please send us a private message… And who knows? next one could be you…

IT MAKES NO SENSE START READING THIS WITHOUT VISITING FIRST: What in the world happened to David Cardona? Part. I [photoblog.com] at MrsBox’s PB.

13. We all are on Photoblog to share our pictures with the world. We are sure you have some funny stories about when you were taking a picture of something. Can you tell us that story?
It was on 2007 when I was photographing a public event, a Hinduism fest in Medellín and camera fails, while a female dancer was doing her performance in the form of a mystical dance. The Guru or Master for who the fest had been offered came close to me and he took the camera suddenly and shoot the dancer lovely before give me it again, but it was not possible for me to see the subject through lens I don’t know why and I had to take the remain of the shots without seeing the subject but these ones were almost magically done. You can see part of the series following: thE dAncEr [photoblog.com]

14. How ends a civil engineer working in cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt?
I worked with Luis Alberto Alvarez (1945 – 1996), the Colombian former filmmaker and cinema critic as his academic assistant in his university courses –“Cinema, Art and Language” and “Cinema and Art”- at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Medellín for two years before his death and I was deeply impressed by the power of image and sound in motion. I was a student and it was the beginning but I end working in cInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt due life is too short and I asked me for what I really want to do and I took this path then with happiness and faith after I left two well paid jobs. It has been always a pleasure for me to share my master’s figure from lUIs AlbErtO AlvArEz In mEmOrIAm [photoblog.com] because I believe in the Masters’ important role they may have for everybody and youth specially.

15. Why do you use capitals and lower cases mixed? Do you follow any rule? Is it some kind of stylish trend?
That’s only a resource for stylish tittles and contents with certain emotion or kind of visual shock I used since my first post. I didn’t tell somebody this but I have to tell you that some people have considered that style is a rare code from a secret society or kind of sect.

16. You always add some curious things to your post, such as “Other related postings” or quotes or lyrics. How many time do you spend preparing such beautiful posts?
Thanks for sweet words again. I don’t measure the time I spend preparing posts but I enjoy a lot to work on it for hours when that´s necessary due to post for Photoblog members specially is always a challenge because of the high quality and aesthetics of creations and works.

17. It this cutie [photoblog.com] your pet?
Yes, that’s my pet and his name is Mi Fei. Mi Fei was a Chinese painter, poet, and calligrapher born in Taiyuan, Shanxi during the Song Dynasty. Mi Fei the cat lives with two other cats, six dogs, a horse, a ram and two parrots in my country home at Northeast Antioquia. Be this interview an opportunity to show you the Mi Fei’s home from cOlOmbIA mOUntAIn hOUsE I [photoblog.com] and tell you that my -country- home is your home too.

18. Have you ever seen through your lens something that you should not have seen while taking night shots?
No, I don’t. I have not seen through my lens something that I should not have seen but there were too many things I saw only when I appreciated the photography after the film was revealed and the pic was enlarged. This one’s showing strange figures like eyes, faces of light, shadows or certain kind of tones and compositions almost poltergeists but that´s not a so strange event in photography and I am not superstitious at all.

19. When a person buys a property, does that person has the property till the centre of the earth?
Material things will be consumed by time and there’s only an owner of all the things over and inner the earth and that owner is not the human being I am sure.

20. I remember you've had a lot of posts about children… Tell us, have you ever done volunteering? Ever thought of it? Why those posts about children?
Children have eyes and expressions plenty of hope and faith that camera save magically. Children are the future and there are several thousand children without water and power in Colombia. Colombia has a rich supply of hydrologic resources including average annual rain fall levels more than three times greater than the global average and almost twice as great as the average for South America. Where the lost public investments go is a natural question and there are obvious answers for this one. This subject was the inspiration for my first post on 2007. You can visit it following the next link: whErE dO thE chIldrEn PlAy [photoblog.com]

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Awesome interview Ricky!

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Another really fun to read and informative interview! Thanks All!

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Fascinating interview! love it!

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This is a very interesting interview. I've wondered about the upper and lower case letters too. I enjoy learning from David's works and trying to see from his perspective.

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Great interview. Well done!

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Wonderful interview with a very special photographer - thank you R and R

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Excellent work Ricky...and thank you David for giving us more of an inside view of yourself...and a totally excellent view of life through your eyes!! :)

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Very interesting and great interview!

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Excellent interview!

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Very lovely interview. David is a very special person in his views of life, and you revealed this very sensitively in this interview.

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Excellent work. I really enjoy these interviews, I like learning about people. Thank You for sharing.

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I'm relatively new to PB but have read a few of the interviews I really enjoy them and liked that this session is of one of my newer friends
Great and thank you and Ruth

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