What in the world happened to Marzena (dreamie)? Part. II

by Ricardo March. 10, 2011 4233 views

21. Can you tell us since when does Nelson [photoblog.com]accompany you in your trips?
Sure! His first trip with me was Spain in 2000. We were on Costa Brava (oh, actually I was disappointed with this trip. middle of season. Lloret de Mar that never sleeps, plenty of people, noisy hotel - disaster! But since THEN I pick less touristic places)
And, as I always underline, Nelson's first trip was BEFORE Amelie the movie entered cinemas. I say it because many people compare Nelson to Amelie's dwarfs. Nelson was the first!

22. Have you ever seen through your lens something that you should not have seen while taking night shots?
Luckily NOT :D
Maybe it's because I usually photograph nature, not people ;)

23. Why incredible hulk when transforms, destroy all his clothes less his pants?
Maybe he's ashamed of what's under his paints? ;)

24. Who would you like to see interviewed next?
Why not Ukajali?


We want to thank Marzena for allow us to post some of her fabulous photos and also for her open and sincere answers.

Thanks to you all for keep supporting the interviews! We hope you’ll be our victim sooner or later…

IT MAKES NO SENSE START READING THIS WITHOUT VISIT FIRST What in the world happened to Marzena (dreamie)? Part. II [photoblog.com] AT RUTH’S PB.

13. In your work in PB we can see your passion for horses… From where does it come?
I guess I was born with it. When I was a baby my favourite toy was a plushie horse and when I was a kid I played with Puzzle with horse pictures and tried to put Barbie dolls on a horse (this procedure usually broke their legs ;)) Nobody know where that came from because there's no horse riding or breeding tradition in my family.

14. Do you have your own horse?
Yep, three of them :) You can see them on my photos too often. Two mares and a gelding, two ponies and a halfblood. Painted, Chestnut and Bay.

15. You have an amount of wonderful photos of your trips. Do you carry all your equipment with you during your travels?
I'm afraid yes. Moreover, for the trip to Kazakhstan I also borrowed another Pentax body from a friend. Just to have two of them - one for tele lens and one for wide angle. That was heavy to carry but easy to use.

16. Have you ever used a tripod in a horse, or does the horse work as a tripod?
You might as well use yourself as a tripod ;) Try and show me the blurry effects! ;)))

17. We know you want to ride a camel, do you know that they are not so fast and comfortable and that they have dozens of fleas? Do you still want to ride one?

18. Considering most of people here in Photoblog make their posts in english, is there any reason most of your posts are in polish and there is not any translation in english? is it because you want to speak it only to polish folk?
I know, I know. I'm just lazy. I know I should translate all thet stuff but I just can't find some time. I'm sorry…
But… to make this up for you - show me three posts that you want to understand and I will translate it :D

19. Could you share with us how many times you visit Photoblog per day? And how long you spend?
Recently much less than I used to. I check my home page twice a day and usually don't spend much time unless there's something to reply of my friend's post to comment. But I'm very sorry I can't spend more time here.

20. Do you take photos when you are riding? If yes, is it hard?
Hell yes I do! That's the best part! And YES, it is hard. The first problem is to attach 3 kg lens and quite a big body to the saddle. It has to be comfortable for both of us - the horse and me.
Then, if you want to take a photo while sitting on a horse, you have to train him/her to stand still. Mine already know that if I grab my camera, they can graze as much as they don't move for a while.

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Olga Helys 9 years ago

Lovely !

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Such wonderful pictures!!!
She is a great lady!!

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Sara G 9 years ago

Very interesting...great pick for interview..I always enjoy her horse photos!

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Dzmitry Samakhvalau 9 years ago

lovely set, but i wonder that you have found so big insects as horses in your garden

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Hong S 9 years ago

#2,, that horse is so short,,hahhahaaa,,, too heavy?

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Francesc 9 years ago

Interesting post!

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Very interesting. Great interview. :)

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Beautiful captures. I love number 1

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fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pauline Wilson Brooks 9 years ago

Inspiring - really inspiring.

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Jacki 9 years ago

Thanks for a great interview Ricky and Marzena!

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Michael Sakowicz 9 years ago

Glad this series is back! I was getting nervous there for a moment!

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Beautiful shots.

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Wonderful...Glad you are back with the interviews.

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Wonderful post Ricky thanks

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Great post.

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Excellent post !!

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