What in the world happened to Helen (girafferacing)?

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23. Have you ever been in a F1 Champioship? How is your favourite pilot ever?

Sadly I have never been to an F1 race as it’s horrendously expensive. We had intended to go to the Valencia race one year while we were on holiday in Spain at Easter. However, Bernie Ecclestone, in his wisdom, decided to shift the Spanish race away from Easter that year so we missed it! I admire Michael Schumacher for his complete control of an F1 car but I wouldn’t exactly say I was a fan – I prefer someone a little more human! I suppose at the moment I would have to say Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, although I was a fan of Damon Hill when he was racing in the 1990s.

24. Have you ever participated in a career as a driver or co-driver?

I’ve never raced in a car but I have driven at various circuits at non-competitive track days. I’m not sure I was hugely fast but I certainly wanted to improve my times and drive the fastest I could. I was so determined to increase my speed at one track day (at Bedford Autodrome) that I overcooked things and ended up spinning off quite spectacularly. Thankfully I missed all the barriers and simply spun onto the grass so I lived to tell the tale and the car was undamaged too!

We want to thank Helen for take the time to join us in the interviews and also for allow us to post some of her awesome photos.

Thanks to you all for supporting the interviews.

Make a Guess to our next (and last) victim ;) !!

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9. You are pretty good in composition too, how do you do it? Did you learn somewhere?

I’ve learnt a lot of my composition skills through reading books and looking at other people’s photos for ideas and tips. I use things like the rule of thirds but I’m also not afraid to break the rules where I think it’ll work. I guess a lot of it is gut instinct and experience!

picture 9#

10. What color would a smurf turn if you choked it?

Ooh that takes me back to my childhood – I remember collecting smurf characters when I was little! I suppose if humans go red in the face when they choke a smurf would turn purple as they’re blue to start with!

11. Why aren't blue berries blue?

Perhaps they are if you set the right white balance on your camera! ;-)

12. Where is the lead in a lead pencil?

In the middle, or is that a trick question?! ;-)

13. You’ve got many photographical ideas…where do they come from?

I have absolutely no idea most of the time! I read a lot of photography magazines which often give me ideas and sometimes things are just inspired by whatever I happen to be doing that day. I travel a lot so I’m often inspired by the places I visit. One of the benefits of being a freelance musician is the opportunity to visit so many new places. If I’m at a loss as to what to photograph for my blog I’ll often search around the house for a suitable subject, sometimes very mundane objects, and then set about shooting them to create an angle on them that other people perhaps wouldn’t have seen.

14. Would you play nude artistic? If yes, would you be the model or the photographer?

I’ve recently started doing more people photography, although mostly candid street shots. Much as I enjoy this, nude photography isn’t really something that appeals to me and I certainly wouldn’t be brave enough to be the model!

15. You’ve made on internet some Books from your photographs, that’s a good development, do you get great hits from the people who buy them?

I’ve made several books now using a company called Blurb to print them. Some of them are just a compilation of my favourite photos from my postings here on Photoblog and , to the best of my knowledge, no one has bought them except me! However, I also create a photobook of the Recorder Summer School each year and quite a few of the students have bought those. They’re not great works of art but I think the students like them as a visual memory of the course.

16. Do you have any favourite Photoblog user? When we say about the Photoblog user we mean not about the photo quality or if the user is nice or bad, we mean about the creativity of the post, the words he/she uses. If you would like to tell us who…

There are so many wonderful photographers here on Photoblog and I’ve made many new friends here. Singling out my favourites is hard but I would have to say Ryana for her thoughtful posts, Wasichseh for her fabulous architectural images and infrared photos and MrsBox for her wonderful views of the natural world.

17. Could you share with us how many times you visit Photoblog per day? And how long you spend?

Very often I only get to look in once a day, when I post my daily photo. I try very hard to keep up with my friends’ posts but work often gets in the way and I can find myself a week or two behind. I always make a point of visiting all my friends’ blogs though and looking at all their new posts when I do have time to catch up. If I get very far behind that can take a couple of hours, although it’s a very enjoyable way to spend two hours! If time allows I pop by for a few minutes several times a day to see the new posts and say thank you for all the lovely comments my friends leave me.

18. Have you ever seen through your lens something that you should not have seen while taking the shots?

The photo that immediately springs to mind is one I took on the Millennium Bridge in London, looking over the River Thames towards St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was dark so I was using a 30 second exposure with my camera on a tripod. It was the rush hour so people were flooding past me, although they didn’t register in the photo because of the long exposure. It wasn’t until I got the photo onto my computer that I realised it included one girl who had obviously been waiting for someone and had stayed in the same spot for the whole exposure.

19. Do you have any funny situation when you were taking a shot?

I often find animals cn be very entertaining when they’re being photographed. There is a horse which lives in a field near my house who always acts up for my camera. When he was a foal (just a few days old) he decided to roll around on his back to show off and I have another photo of him apparently laughing at the camera!

20. Who would you like to see interviewed next?

I’d love to see you interview Dorothe (Wasichseh) or Sandra (Ryana).

21. We all know you love cats, did any of your cats cause you any problem while you were taking photos? I mean… prank!

I’ve taken lots of photos of Lucy, our current cat, and Gracie who died in January this year. Gracie was always very laid back and happy to pose but Lucy is rather more skittish. She also has an amazing head for heights and often decides to climb up onto terrifyingly high places, such as on top of the upstairs windows with a sheer drop below! I’ve never had my camera to hand when she’s done this but I did get her to pose on the top of our stair rail recently – she evidently has no fear of falling whatsoever!

22. You and me have something in common more than our passion for photography, we love F1 and races. Could you share with us your best experience related to racing?

I think my most enjoyable motor racing moments have been at the Goodwood Racing Revival. Goodwood Motor Circuit was a World War II RAF base whose perimeter circuit was used for racing (including F1) between 1948 and 1966. It’s the circuit where Stirling Moss had his career-ending crash in 1962. Lord March, who owns the circuit, is a car fanatic and he opens the circuit for one weekend each year to race cars of that period. Many of the racers are current and past F1 drivers. It’s fantastically exciting seeing priceless old cars being raced – in one race last year there were six Ferrari GTOs being raced which were collectively worth about £60 million! Photographically my best moment there was when I captured a Jaguar C-type spinning off the track. The driver span his car in front of me once but I missed the moment so I was amazed when he did it again at the same spot the following lap and I caught 17 frames, recording the entire spin! He was unhurt, although I think his pride was a bit dented!

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You've introduced us to another personality Ricky. Thanks.

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Thanks very much to Ricky and Mrs Box for giving us this time with Helen. I hope that you'll be able to give us more than just one more of these interviews :)

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Wow, Helen, THANK you so much !!!
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