Hands Perspective Technique

by Ricardo October. 13, 2011 4166 views

May I Give you a hand? The true is that I've got many! hehe

See Marjorie's attempt by clicking: here [photoblog.com] and Amir's by clicking here [photoblog.com]

This shot shouldn't be posted with the theme, because it is a coin and not a hand. The truth is that I've been not showing or saying marjorie I've received her coin which she had photographed here [photoblog.com], for a while! marjorie it has been almost 3 weeks since i've received your coin, but I wanted to make the surprise and include it on this post!
Thank you so much, all the coins were so beautiful and my collection now has a new shine! thanks once again :)

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Helen Hooker 6 years ago

I love the detail in no.1 and no.2 is just plain crazy! :-)

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Ibrahim 6 years ago

brillant idea and great work all that hands.both Marjorie's and Amir's as well.

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Jack Castelo Branco 6 years ago

eh eh eh eh , muito bem;)

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Walter 6 years ago


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Sandra Vermeulen 6 years ago

Second one totaly rocks!!!

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Art Bee 6 years ago

Absolutely extraordinary! What wonderful focus and the lighting is just perfect! I like how it bounces off the coin and brings the attention to the finger tips in #1. The second one is very creative and such a fun edit, the hands on the fingers in my opinion need just a little tweak to blend them with the larger hand. Was it was intentional to have them a lighter shade?

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Felecia 6 years ago

Wonderful Ricky!! I love this and it was so nice to see you.

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Bee 6 years ago

That's pretty tricky of you! Cool!

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Tom 6 years ago

Wow love the last one thats weird but cool

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Ray King 6 years ago

Great imagination! Nice edit.

6 years ago Edited

Great shots and perfect in b&w :))
The finger tips are so cool :)

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Jacki 6 years ago

Better keep this hand a secret, someone may ask you to do 5 times the amount of work!! :-)) Nicely done, Ricky!

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Finbarr 6 years ago

Awesome set !!

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Farideh_Homam 6 years ago


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Dave 6 years ago

Great shopping Ricky, or did you find a creature with this appendage. Wouldn't it be great to have so many hands some days? The hand holding the coin has wonderful DOF in the swirls of the fingerprint.

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Yves Monast 6 years ago

awesome pics

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Glo 6 years ago

I really like the detail one can see from the ridges of the fingertips... Its funny, even though the coin is really bright and beautifully shined, my eyes seem to wander back to the fingertips and how the light highlights the ridges of the skin......beautifully captured detail!! this hand, to me, has such an interesting story Ricky.. Extra cool second shot as well, very creative!!

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Stefan Fletcher 6 years ago

Well I like them both. As you are both photographers with a heart, the comparison of the two posts says quite a lot about the photographers. Ricky's are a young man's shots - witty, a technical tour de force and fairly easy to take in. Marjorie's is a woman's capture - more inward focused, harder to identify with precision, gentler certainly (and I'm not being sexist), but possibly a little darker.

A distant almost-relative of mine was an almost famous photographer in the 50s who made studies of people's hands. Her exhibits were organised by trade; a baker's hands, an orchestra conductor's, a nurse's, a plumbers. Alas, I was too young when I last saw them to appreciate them now, but thank you both for this lovely, interesting, compassionate comparative study.

(I'm lazy, so I'll just copy and paste the same comment in Ricky's post.)

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Gregg Maretka 6 years ago

awesome job Ricky....that was kind of Marjorie to send coins !!!

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Christa 6 years ago

Ah, estou a ver muitos progressos no Photoshop!! Está super cool, principalmente a 2ª!

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Sewerranger 6 years ago

I like the capture in the first one. Good BW shot.

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Sherij 6 years ago

Very cool!! I really like this!! SUPERB!!!!

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Karman 6 years ago

Wonderful Captures.....I so need to enhance my skills.....and could as well use a hand like this one. :)

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Olga Helys 6 years ago

Great BW pictures
Great DOF and details in the #1
Nice edition in the #2
Great job ricky

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