Old Minsk (Belarus)

by Dzmitry Samakhvalau October. 23, 2006 4472 views

Minsk was mentioned in the chronicle in 1067. Ironically, the chronicler wrote about destroying of Minsk, but not about its foundation. In 1067 the army of Ruthenian sovereigns attacked Minsk, ruined it, and killed local men, enslaved women and children. In several years new settlers came to this place and built new huts.
The linguists say that the origin of the name of Minsk comes from the Slavic word mena (barter). It means that the founders were merchants. However, local inhabitants tell the other story. Minsk was founded by a giant Mench. He built a large mill on the river and milled river stones. Mench was the protector of all offended and indigent people.
In the late 15th century the townsfolk won the communal freedom. By the 20th century Minsk was a small provincial town. Local people preferred to build their cottages of wood. The town often suffered of fire and flood.
In the 16-18th century the authorities replaced the administrative center and town hall to the opposite hilly side of the Svislach River. Thus they founded the Upper Town that towered over Lower Town and Trinity Suburb, a place popular mainly among wealthy merchants. In the 19th century the Lower Town was occupied by manufacturers that ruined wooden huts and built brick-red houses for their small plants.
In the 20th century Minsk was proclaimed as the capital of Belarus. It became large and modern. But the small historical center is still loved by the townsfolk.

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Very nice! Specially the ones from the river

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