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In different countries there are different traditions. The Belarusians are a Christian nation, but they still save many pre-Christian traditions. Some pagan days are public. The most important of them is Radaunica. It is a commemorative day in the mid of April. This day people come to cemeteries to visit the graves of died relatives and ancestors. As we usually say, this is their day and they are waiting for us. The main sense of Radaunica is not only to show that we remember died people, but also to show that our decedents are together with us. Radaunica is obligatory accompanied with improvised feasts on the grave. Moreover, the died man is seen as present. Alive people are talking with him and leave on the grave some alcohol drink and snack. The similar spring commemorative days are widespread among some other European nations, but their days are not public and not so alive.

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Geneviã¨Ve 14 years ago

Thanks for sharing...this is a very interesting set.

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Christine 14 years ago

I agree with cabecilha - very well presented!

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Carley 14 years ago

both fascinating and beautiful!

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Yanko V Fabila 14 years ago

Very interesting set and story!

14 years ago Edited
Aimeric 14 years ago

interesting ... thanks for the explanations !

14 years ago Edited
Jorge Cardoso 14 years ago

well: this is what I call a GREAT blog entry!

the photos make you curious and
then the text gives you the answers...

and the subject was very well chosen.

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Sean 14 years ago

Looks like quite an event. Nice set.

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